In an unexpected move, became a Senate Senator, Missouri Sen Roy Blunt announced on Monday that he will not run for re-election in 2022

Blunt, 71, has served in the Senate since 2011 and previously in the House of Representatives

“After 14 general election victories – three in the county office, seven in the United States House of Representatives, and four statewide elections – I won’t be a candidate for re-election to the United States Senate next year,” Blunt said on the video >

Blunt joins a growing list of veteran Republican incumbents who have announced they will not return the Senate in 2022. He joins Sens Richard Shelby, R-Ala, Rob Portman, R-Ohio, Pat Toomey, R -Pa and Richard Burr, R-NC who have all said they will not try to keep their seats

Taken together, the House will lose some of its most seasoned Republicans in the next election cycle. Other incumbents slated to be re-elected in 2022 are also being closely watched

Sen Ron Johnson, R-Wishat has not yet announced whether he will be running to defend his vulnerable seat And 86-year-old Sen Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, has also not yet announced whether he will seek another term

Blunt’s planned departure surprised many in late January, Blunt announced to Politico that he still had plans to announce a campaign

“I still plan to run But it’ll be official when I announce a campaign And I’m not doing that yet,” said Blunt. “I really haven’t thought about it much to tell you the truth. I keep thinking that there will be a little respite, until now that doesn’t happen “

As the top Republican on the Senate Committee and Joint Congressional Committee on Opening Ceremonies, Blunt had a busy start into 2021, coordinating an inauguration day with heightened safety concerns after Jan. 6 Attack on the Capitol In the past few weeks the Regulatory Committee has held several hearings on the security of the Capitol

Blunt’s departure from decades in politics will likely lead to a battle for the soon-to-be-open place

Among the Republicans considering a possible offer is Missouri’s once-contested government, Eric Greitens, who resigned in 2018 on charges of sexual misconduct

“I’m just looking into what I’ll do this year,” Greitens told a local radio show about a possible political comeback in 2022, before criticizing Blunt for not being more forceful in defending former President Trump

Some of the other Republican heads of state who have been speculated might be heading for a run include Attorney General Eric Schmitt, Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft, and Lt Gov Mike Kehoe

On the Democratic side, Scott Sifton, a former Senator, and Timothy Shepard, a Kansas City entrepreneur, are currently competing for the nomination

Meanwhile, Jason Kander, Blunt’s 2016 Democratic rival, has risen to 78 this year000 votes came in, already disregarded

“Regarding the Senate in ’22: Always nice to be asked, thank you,” he wrote on Twitter, “My decision not to run was never about who I would run against, I’m going for the Dem candidate advertise! “

Roy Blunt

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