The Pro Football Focus crew has started their streak of top college football returnees in their future positions. Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Spencer Rattler was the top ranked passerby in all of college football, no wonder if you can considering the top passers-by at Justin Fields, Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson chose the NFL draft

The second episode of the series features the top running backs Starting with the 2020 Sooners soccer team, they lose TJ Pledger on moving to Utah and Rhamondre Stevenson picking the NFL Most prolific in Seth McGowan will be returning to Oklahoma, but likely as a No. 2 option in the backfield. Another turn-back made the top list, Kennedy Brooks

In PFF’s top 10 returning running backs, Auburn’s Tank Bigsby ranks # 1, and Deuce Vaughn of Kansas ranks # 2 Brooks checks back at # 3 after finishing the entire list Missed the 2020 season when he signed out

Brooks decided to end the 2020 season due to COVID-19 concerns, but he will be back for the 2021 campaign – very good news for the Sooners

Brooks was the third highest ball carrier in FBS from 2018 to 2019, establishing itself as one of the biggest threats to outliers in that position, No returning FBS has spent 10 or more yards at a higher transfer rate than Brooks (23) in this period. ) He has no electrifying speed, but he is elusive and fights through contact like anyone else

The other Big 12 back on Vaughn and Brooks’ list include Breece Hall, Iowa, the country’s leading rusher in 2020 Adding Texas Longhorns standout newcomer Bijan Robinson , and the conference is full of playful setbacks

During the 2019 season, Brooks led the Sooners after contacting 549 in yards. He would also finish second on the team in 10 yards behind quarterback Jalen Hurts, Brooks will step up the offense in 2021

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