RUSH: I’ve been thinking so many things, folks, throughout all of this when I’ve had moments We should say awareness, imagine how things could be different today – and I know that this game isn’t fun to play because it doesn’t do anything, but I still want to

I want to get some of these things out there and off my chest. Imagine how things could be different today if Congress were just as insane and outraged when private companies burned down and innocent citizens rioted in the past summer attacked across the country in Seattle Minneapolis; New York City; Portland, Oregon

Imagine there was anything near the outrage over all of this. If it wasn’t the political class property that was set on fire and destroyed, the political class lifestyle wasn’t unceremoniously attacked, nothing was done about it In fact, it was ignored in the mainstream media. The mainstream media said, “What kind of riot? Where? What – what violence?

“There is no violence There are peaceful protests out there What are you talking about? There is no riots” And they did not show a videotape of the burning and looting and all of the searching for it yourself because there is no more news If you had no idea it happened, you wouldn’t even know if to look for it because you didn’t know it happened

The people making the country work were outraged, however. The people making the country work wanted names, wanted justice. Imagine how frustrated and angry Congress would be if yesterday’s riots – me will call it that – would take place for months Can you imagine what happened in one day would go on for months as it did last year?

Can you imagine how outraged you would be? They couldn’t stand it for a day if they believed they were the targets. In fact, last summer the rioters are said to have been “mostly peaceful.” The people who protested yesterday did not get such benefit from the doubt Even the most ardent and ardent supporters of the Presidents – media columnists – have turned 180 degrees on Donald Trump

Because if you want a career in political Washington that includes political New York and political Boston, etc. you have to leave Donald Trump and blame him for everything that went wrong, and you have to get as close as you can to apologizing for helping him. What if the Capitol Police …? What if, like last summer, when people were walking around demanding that the police forces in this country be relieved?

Can you imagine the Washington political class with the Capitol Police being described as defused? Can you imagine the reaction of Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer and everyone else if someone ran around defusing the Capitol Police? How would that feel to her? So there are two rules like we told you

There will still be two sets of rules The law will not apply fairly to various rioters as it matters who you are when you get upset, not what you do This we now know beyond a doubt It doesn’t matter what you do It is you, if you do. What if those arrested yesterday had been rescued by the NRA?

Do you remember how Hollywood leftists and a number of other left wing political activists, including journalists, rescued people who were jailed during the riots last summer (sorry, the “peaceful protests”)? What if the NRA saved people who were involved in yesterday’s protests? Can you imagine? Can you imagine how outraged that is? Left groups did just that last summer, and the media said, “What?”

RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve been watching the media coverage I’ve started over again I finally decided I had to turn it on to find out what’s going to go out, at least what they tell us is going on Man, oh man Based on what I’d heard, I looked for all the fires in all of the stores in downtown Washington I was looking for a video of a few people walking in there and then with a couple of Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent bags went out

Yeah, I was looking for all of this I was looking for fire I was looking for cars on fire I was looking for antifa mobs who claimed they had a two or three block neighborhood as a no-go zone , reserved I haven’t seen that enough (interruption) What do you mean? There were no fires and no looting? Well then what the hell were they talking about?

I know they broke some windows in the Capitol and so on Yeah, I know they broke the doors and took some selfies Oh, did they take that? They took selfies so you can set fire to a strip in the downtown area of ​​any blue state city – Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, New York – and this is called peaceful protest, but you don’t dare set foot where the political class lives and works and does her job

I mean, I was expecting mobs and mobs from people with Gucci and Chanel wallets to be pushed in the back of 2021 SUVs I think the small businesses in Washington, DC.Are all still intact then? Are you telling me that (Interruption) You weren’t even attacked? Oh wow So the fire brigade didn’t have to resign and let go of the fires, people let out their anger? Wasn’t there any of this? (Interruption)

What about Trump’s inauguration? The fire …? (Interruption) Oh (interruption) Oh you lit the fires at Trump’s inauguration. You are talking about four years ago (interruption) Oh, and here the fire brigade stepped down and left them? Ohhh, okay okay Well, I got it wrong because based on yesterday’s coverage I was thinking, “Man, oh man

“By this morning we won’t have a city I think I was wrong I was wrong I’m sorry I was wrong I heard wrong I misread tweets It was my mistake I’m sorry I did read wrong (whispers) What’s that? (interruption) Okay (Interruption) No, I don’t have sea legs yet, but Trust me, I don’t. But they’re getting closer – and by the way, please, people, forgive my runny nose

I’ll try as little as possible. Some of these are common, but I’ll try to cough the cough as often as I can. I really don’t mean to be rude But let me get serious here for a minute. For years – even Decades – we watch the Democrats under the guise of protesters, under the guise of anarchists There are Occupy Wall Street protesters, more recently than anti-Trump protesters

As Antifa, as demonstrators of the Black Lives Matter – an avowed, recognized, so-called communist group! Black Lives Matter, right on their website, proudly proclaims their attachment to Marxism – and yet here is every professional sports league that signs up, advocates, reinforces, and gets on board They burned ICE offices They burned police stations

They burned down political federal courts after barricading people inside them. They took over highways. They took over entire cities. They looted and burned parts of cities. They demolished statues that have links to our past. They have in almost every state Unions and shops burned down and looted

Under the guise of journalists, the Democrats have praised these protesters as justified and even heroic. And none of these Democrats as protesters have been shot by the police. In fact, hardly any of these protesters have been arrested – and if they are arrested, they are released immediately, whereby friendly Democrats bail Biden employees, Kommie Harris, and company helped raise funds to save them.

Corporations have poured countless millions of dollars into the coffers of these protesters, with a record of it as our recent history, hundreds of thousands of people yesterday – Americans who are fed up with it – ignored and lied to by these Democrats in the media and popular culture and as racists Americans who are fed up with elections being stolen from them by Democrats, including the White House, to be smeared

Now they think two more Senate seats were stolen and they thought they were going to be stolen before the elections and these people went to Washington They weren’t paid by George Soros and the Democratic Party in the vast majority this american was good and respectful you are not known they are republicans you don’t cause chaos you don’t know how

How many times have we sat here in over 30 years complaining that this is not what Republicans do? That they’re either too busy, or don’t know how, or that they’re waiting for someone else to do it.But the fact remains, they don’t.Republicans don’t join protest mobs, they don’t loot, and they don’t riot – to the great disappointment many people But a tiny number of these protesters – and no doubt some of Antifa, Democrat-sponsored instigators – decided to go to the Capitol in protest

It’s “the house of the people,” by the way, just like Democrats in the guise of Code Pink and a thousand other characters before. They actually searched Senate hearings. Code Pink actually got into the damn classroom, raised hell and threatened you with violence were there because Democratic senators invited them in. They were politely escorted after their political message was broadcast on television

Anti-Trump protests were held at the Capitol during the impeachment last year But suddenly the protesting Congress is being called the end of the world Can’t have this It’s the worst crime against democracy in our nation’s history, and yet all sorts of protests against the President took place at the Capitol during the impeachment

Nobody was concerned about the damage our government institutions were doing. And in the mother of all ironies, the Democrats and the media call yesterday’s protests “a bloody attempted coup” (Laughs) A bloody attempted coup! Although the only blood spilled was that of an unarmed Trump supporter who was shot

She was an unarmed white woman, an Air Force veteran, who had made four business trips to the Middle East to defend the right to protest, and we are said to be appalled by the demonstrators. Meanwhile, Barack Obama’s Oval Office turned four Coup launched to discard the 2016 election results, and not a single word of concern about the possible harm to our constitution. No, there was just outright rejection

“We didn’t do it I don’t know what you’re talking about Trump has to go Trump’s poison” So, yes, there is a lot of irony out there and there are many people calling for an end to the violence. There are many conservatives in social media saying violence or aggression is unacceptable no matter the circumstance I’m glad Sam Adams, Thomas Paine – the actual tea party people, the men in Lexington and Concord – didn’t think so

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