“I am not heartless I want to help people I voted to help people,” he said

After his speech in the Senate, Sen spoke Ron Johnson said his concern was not to contribute to the federal deficit | Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

Sen Ron Johnson rolls out a bold platform as he ponders whether to stand for re-election: he’s the guy who did 1 twiceClosed $ 200 stimulus checks that would have gone to hundreds of thousands of his constituents

Johnson (R-Wis) defended his objection to Sen’s pandemic-related proposal Bernie Sanders (I-Vt) Friday afternoon, citing federal deficit concerns and accusing Vermont of lying regardless of GOP’s position on coronavirus relief

“He said something that is wrong,” Johnson said. “You could call it a lie. He said the Republicans didn’t do anything That’s not true”

Johnson cited a coronavirus relief proposal in a speech Friday the GOP released in early fall that included money for unemployment benefits, another round of cash for the paycheck protection program, and liability reform, but Democrats opposed it as a partisan law, saying it is absolutely inadequate

“We didn’t take the Republican bill that didn’t include nickel for unemployment benefits as an answer,” replied Sanders. “We didn’t answer yes to a bill that didn’t include nickel for direct payments’

The direct payments call comes because Democratic and Republican leaders seek to finalize a coronavirus bailout and prevent a government shutdown.While there is general agreement on providing about $ 600 direct payments, Sanders and Sen Josh Hawley (R-Mo) push for more the previous Friday, Johnson also had a suggestion from Hawley for about $ 1$ 200 in stimulus checks blocked Direct payments are a priority for the White House

Johnson argued that the federal deficit was why he ran for office, suggesting the money wasn’t spent in previous stimulus packages

“When I got here I was running because we were mortgaging our children’s futures,” Hen said. “I’m not heartless I want to help people I voted to help people I voted for the $ 2 trillion CARES Act , but I also worry about the future of our children ”

Johnson has yet to say if he will run for re-election, but Democrats see him as a primary target in their battle for the Senate majority in 2022.While Trump won Wisconsin in 2016, President-elect Joe Biden won the state by less than one Percentage point

Following his speech, Johnson said his concerns relate solely to the deficit and not to 2022

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World news – USA – Ron Johnson blocks two Covid stimulus checks

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