WASHINGTON – House Democrats said they would vote Thursday to remove Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (RGa) from their committees about their previous fire remarks and social media posts, adding pressure to the Republicans of the House who are facing disciplinary action

The deepening battle for the new lawmaker came together on Wednesday to overthrow the Chair of the House GOP Conference, Liz Cheney of Wyoming, after she voted in favor of former President Donald Trump’s indictment on the two developments To be debated at a GOP of the House this afternoon, highlighted the fierce fighting the Republican Party has been fighting in its quest to find Mr. Trump’s loss

After weeks of withholding the verdict, Kevin McCarthy (R, Calif) will be forced to make a decision on Wednesday whether Ms. Greene, a Trump loyalist convicted on both sides of the aisle for adopting conspiracy theories, said the house would be held on Vote Thursday to remove her from committees if Mr McCarthy does not act first

At the same time, he will also lead efforts by some lawmakers to demote Ms. Cheney, the only member of the GOP leadership responsible for the indictment against Mr. Trump last month on allegations that he instigated the violent mob that stormed the U. Capitol on Jan 6

Mr McCarthy rose to strengthen his ability to build strong relationships, including with Mr. Trump’s decisions on Wednesday will almost certainly unhappy one GOP faction in the House and complicate his spokesperson ambitions when the GOP recaptures the House next year

Liz Cheney

World News – USA – Republicans weigh the political fate of Marjorie Taylor Greene, Liz Cheney

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