Senator Rob Portman of Ohio, a Republican with close ties to the former party institute, announced Monday that he would not seek new elections in 2022, denying the frustration of deep polarization and partisanship in Washington Expressing

“It has become increasingly difficult to break the partisan congestion and to mark advances in material politics, and that contributed to my decision,” said Mr Portman said in a statement that this was a surprise announcement made so soon after the last election

Mr Portman, a former top commercial and budget clerk in the administration of George W Bush was once considered a conservative politician, but when his party shifted to the right in recent years, he is considered one of the few centrist Republican senators interested in bipartisan dealings Trade deal in 2019, and was part of a bipartisan coalition that urged House and Senate leaders late last year to take pandemic relief action after months of delay

His decision to step aside shows how difficult it has become for more mainstream Republicans to navigate with former President Donald J’s right-wing allies in the current political environment, Trump insists that Republican Congressmen be on their side, or face primary competitions

“We live in an increasingly polarized country, where members of both parties are being pushed ever further to the right and further to the left, and that means too few people are actively looking for common ground,” he said

Mr Portman, who had also served in the House for 12 years, would have been looking for his third term in the Senate, saying he has now made his decision public to give others time to prepare for a nationwide race

Rob Portman

World news – USA – Citing the “partisan jam”, Republican Senator Rob Portman says he will not seek re-election in 2022