Believe it or not, Chromebooks aren’t just cloud computing devices.Google may have created them that way first, and they certainly still largely focus on that philosophy, but thanks to downloadable offline Google Play -Apps and even Linux programs have become a lot more them over the years

I’ve seen a lot of Chromebook users who just want to use their devices to surf the web and are not interested in storing files in Google Drive, instead preferring to store them locally or on an external hard drive, which is plug-and-play Everyone is playable, I say, and I can certainly see the justification for that.I prefer to use an external hard drive to back up my data, and then continue to use cloud services to instantly access live and myself constantly changing data to be able to access

Today I wanted to give you a quick tip: disconnect Google Drive from your Chromebook and use it as a local storage device! Fortunately, Google made this really easy and I applaud them for doing this. If you visit your Settings app by tapping the “Everything” button and typing “Settings” (or by clicking the clock at the bottom right of the screen and clicking the Clicking the gear icon) gives you access to all of your Chromebook’s personalization options. Think of this as your “control center” so to speak. Since it was created by Google, you’d better believe that there is a large search bar at the top So enter “drive” A list of options should immediately appear (or just hit enter to submit your search query) Below is the option “Disconnect Google Drive Account”

If you don’t already have the fuzzy search function shown above in your Settings app, simply navigate to:

using the left sidebar

When you’re there, just click the switch so it slides right or “On” and turns blue. When you open your Files app on your Chromebook, you’ll find that Google Drive storage is full disappeared Don’t worry, you haven’t deleted any of your files They just caused them to be inaccessible via the Files app.You can always access them via Drive on the web.If you decide that you want to reactivate them in the future, just click the back button (gray) in the settings , and your files will appear again as if by magic!

If you want to keep something on your Chromebook’s internal storage, you can simply save it in the Files app under Downloads or right-click in the “My Files” section and select the “New Folder” option in the context menu to create your own file hierarchy

Again, I can understand why some users would rather not use Google Drive, but I also encourage you to check out Google Takeout and set up a scheduled backup so you can use both the cloud and the peace of mind of one Backup I hope this helps!

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