The leader of the far-right group, the Proud Boys, was released from police custody on Tuesday but instructed to leave Washington, DC.and stay away

Henry “Enrique” Tarrio was arrested Monday two days before supporters of President Donald Trump are due to hold demonstrations in the capital over Trump’s loss to President-elect Joe Biden in the November presidential election
The District of Columbia Metropolitan Police Department said it had arrested Tarrio on trashing property charges for burning a Black Lives Matter sign that was torn from a historic African American church during protests in Washington last month

DC. Supreme Court Justice Renee Raymond released Tarrio on Tuesday at his own discretion but ordered him to stay out of the capital until his next hearing in June

The Proud Boys are expected to converge on the US Capitol on Wednesday as Congress confirmed Biden’s victory, one of several pro-Trump rallies planned in the city

Tarrio, 36, is also facing gun charges after police found two high capacity gun magazines while he was in custody

City officials warned Trump supporters not to bring guns to the protests The local Washington government bans people from carrying guns outdoors and owning a pistol without a local license

The District of Columbia National Guard said 300 troops would support the city government in the planned protests on Wednesday

Protest at Senator Hawley
Prior to the rallies, Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) said his family had been attacked by “antifa scumbags” that terrified his family in Washington, D.C.At home Monday night Hawley said he would be challenging the certification of the electoral college election that gave Biden his victory. The group involved in the protest outside his home, ShutDown DC, said activists held a “vigil” and a copy of the U. delivered S. Constitution to his door

December rally
In December, violence broke out at a December pro-Trump rally when Trump supporters, some of whom wore the Proud Boys colors in black and yellow, sparked confrontations with counter-demonstrators and activists

When Trump supporters tried to enter Black Lives Matter Plaza near the White House, counter-protesters tried to block it at nightfall, pro-Trump protesters tore down a banner from Black Lives Matter and signed off two historic black churches in downtown Washington and lit the banner

Tarrio admitted to The Washington Post that he helped burn the banner and said he would plead guilty of demolishing property fees and pay the church for the banner
Police investigated the events last month as potential hate crimes, a spokesman told The Associated Press Tarrio did not comment on the allegations, but said recently on the social media app Parler that “record numbers” were against the group’s members Trump’s loss would protest from Wednesday

Last week Trump tweeted, “The BIG Protest Rally in Washington, DC.takes place at 1100 AM. at 6 January … StopTheSteal! “

Proud Boys leader

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