Next week in Power Book II: Ghost Episode 7 it looks more and more like something is seriously affecting the fan This is especially true for Monet and her family as we get a good feel for it that Lorenzo’s actions will cause even more problems

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As we watched the end of this weekend’s episode, we thought Lorenzo and Monet might have got into an argument over Lorenzo who beat up Cane in jail, as it turns out, we wonder if they weren’t Monet appears to be questioning Lorenzo about what he said to his son, as Cane appears to be a villain more than ever, we know he is increasingly frustrated with Tariq being integrated into the Empire, and what we are now achieving is another Manifestation of it

Will Cane die before the season ends? It’s hard for us to believe that this show is going to turn Mary J off, Blige, so if he is going to leave at that point he is Cane’s biggest problem is simply that he believes he can do anything out there that he is confident in his abilities and that’s great, but sometimes it’s a little better to have a plan

As all of this goes down, Tasha’s trial will continue and she will repeat to Tariq that she doesn’t want him there. Why? She thinks he’s better off paying Davis for his services but she doesn’t know for sure that Davis may be working to incriminate Tariq. We still don’t know if we can trust this Davis / Saxe arrangement, but we have to at least acknowledge it

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