With Steph Curry and Draymond Green in street clothes on Friday, the Warriors didn’t fight a fight in a “humiliating” blowout loss to Toronto Raptors

Klay Thompson was “set on fire” between 130 and 77 after drubbing and got into his teammates in the locker room

Back in the Twittersphere, Kendrick Perkins called out Steve Kerr for the Warriors’ inability to play something akin to winning basketball when Curry isn’t playing

I’m starting to question Steve Kerr’s coaching because when his “superstars” aren’t playing, the team is fighting for competition, let alone winning a game !!! IMHO go on

Perkins’ criticism of Kerr is fair While a loss would have been understandable, being so ashamed of oneself is unacceptable on any level

With the Tampa Bay loss to the Raptors, the Warriors fell to 1-7 in the season when Curry was on the bench

Golden State is now between 23 and 26 and occupies 10th place Place in the Western Conference The Warriors are a game before the tenacious Kings and a game and a half before the New Orleans Pelicans

Kerr believes the Warriors still have time to run, but to do that they need Curry and Green to be on the field. With just 23 games left in the season, the Warriors’ first season after their year abroad looks like this Looking like it would end in either a play-in tournament loss or a berth in the NBA Draft Lottery

One thing is certain: the season of the warriors is getting out of hand, and Kerr couldn’t press the right buttons to turn it

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World News – US – Perk calls Kerr after Warriors vs. blowout loss Raptors

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