Pedro Pascal gives a humorous scene-chewing performance as the vicious Maxwell Lord in “Wonder Woman 1984”, but it turns out that the role is anything but the first time the “Mandalorian.” “Favorite Has Been Playing Around In The DC Comics Universe In the early days of his acting career, Pascal got a supporting role in David E Kelley’s acclaimed 2011 TV pilot for Wonder Woman Pascal played Ed Indelicato, a cop who served as Diana Prince’s LAPD liaison. The cast included Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman, Tracie Thoms as Etta Candy and Justin Bruening as Steve Trevor

While the “Wonder Woman” series was perhaps the most vivacious pilot to go into production for the 2011-2012 television season, NBC passed the series on. It was a shock to comic book fans at the time, but it got later known the pilot was a disaster and the network made the right call but didn’t record it for series. Pascal would find a lot more luck with “Wonder Woman” in Patty Jenkins’ sequel nine years later, but he thought in a recent interview with Variety about his first conversation with the comic book franchise after

“It was like a dream come true,” said Pascal of landing a role on the NBC show “David E Kelley’s impact on television when I was just finishing college was so big, and I watched every episode of [Palicki’s series] “Friday Night Lights,” I also thought, whether it was good or not, it was definitely going to pick up that would change my financial situation significantly even if it were half a season to be canceled But it wasn’t even picked up I went back to the proceedings, you know, “CSI” and so on Had a pretty bad year of interest in after that very sporadic work ”

Given the worldwide popularity of the Wonder Woman brand, Pascal cannot be held responsible for NBC picking up on the show whether it was good or bad. Unfortunately, the failed pilot turned out to be the financial game changer or career boost that Pascal did At that time, did Jenkins and the “Wonder Woman 1984” know of Pascal’s “Wonder Woman” past when they cast him as Maxwell Lord? The actor said he didn’t believe

“It actually never crossed my mind, which is kind of crazy,” said Pascal. “You either didn’t know or didn’t care. Yes I’m not sure, but it’s like an anecdotal thing, that flown past them completely ”

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Pedro Pascal

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