drafted by the Celtics in the first round, played 12 seasons before leading teams in Phoenix, Seattle and Sacramento

Paul Westphal, Guardian of the Basketball Hall of Fame, who played for the Boston Celtics in 1974BA champion, became a four-time All-Star with the Phoenix Suns and coached them until the 1993 playoff final, died on Saturday He was 70 years old

Westphal, whose death was confirmed by the suns, had brain cancer in the summer of 2020

Westphal was an excellent two-handed shooter and a good playmaker and defensive player. He played in the NB.ONE for 12 seasons, including with the Seattle SuperSonics and the Knicks. He was the head coach for all or part of 10 seasons with the Suns, Seattle and the Sacramento Kings, and assistant coach with the Dallas Mavericks and Brooklyn Nets

He was inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Massachusetts as a player in 2019

The Celtics selected Westphal in the first round of the 1972 NBA design that is 10 Player elected over all

One of his best games with Boston was in the 1974 NBONE championship final against the Milwaukee Bucks

Westphal scored 12 points in Game 5 and played a suffocating defense against Oscar Robertson, one of the NB.A tallest players who only made 2 of their 13 shots The Celtics won 96-87 on Bucks square, taking the series four to three game

But Westphal was largely a reserve in his three seasons with the Celtics as they had excellent guards in Jo Jo White and Don Chaney.They traded him for future Hall of Fame striker Charlie Scott and draft picks in May 1975 against the Suns a

Westphal was back in the 1976 playoff final, this time playing for Phoenix against Boston. He scored 25 points in Game 5, even though Suns 128-126 were beaten in triple overtime in what is known as the “greatest game ever played” Sonnen lost the series, 4 games to 2

Westphal played for the Suns from 1975 to 1980, and again in his final 1983-84 season. He played for the SuperSonics in 1980-81 when he received his fifth All-Star selection. The Knicks signed him mid-1981-82 , although he was still recovering from a stress fracture in his right foot while playing for Seattle

In November 1982, Westphal got a glimpse of the New York-based television world when he played a small role as a cop in ABC’s daily drama “The Edge of Night” “

“I’ve never had any acting experience other than trying to foul during basketball games,” he told the New York Times. But as he put it, “Since both basketball players and actors are spoiled and spoiled, I think I would have no problem changing acting ”

He’s never had an acting career, but he won the NBAwarded as Comeback Player of the 1982-83 for leading the Knicks to the second round of the playoffs, appearing in 80 of their 82 games, averaging 10 points per game after recovering from his injury with Seattle >

Westphal averaged 206 points per game in his six seasons with the Suns and had career averages of 156 points and 44 assists per game. He won 318 games and lost 279 as an N.B.A head coach

After his playing days, Westphal trained at several western colleges, including Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, and brought the school to the National NAIA Championship in 1988

He was an assistant coach with the Suns for four seasons before being named head coach when they posted the NB in ​​1992-93ABest regular season record at 62-20 led by the League’s Most Valuable Player Charles Barkley along with Dan Majerle, Kevin Johnson and Danny Ainge But the Suns lost in a six-game final to Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls

Westphal then trained several outstanding Suns teams, but was fired in January 1996 when the injured Suns played poorly

He trained the SuperSonics and the Kings for all or part of three seasons each and ended his coaching career as a Nets assistant from 2014 to 2016

Paul Douglas Westphal was born on November 30, 1950, in Torrance, California, a son of Armin and Ruth Westphal.His father, an aerospace engineer, and older brother Bill shot tires with him as a teenager in the family’s driveway

He was a basketball star at Aviation High School at Redondo Beach and then played three seasons for the University of Southern California.He averaged 164 points per game and was named the All-American runner-up in The Associated Press poll in 1971

Westphal’s survivors are his wife Cindy; their daughter Victoria and a son, Michael A full list of survivors was not immediately available

“At training camp, he told us his greatest asset was his ability to identify,” Kevin Johnson told the Seattle Times in February 1999 when Westphal was his first season coach at Sonics. “He was a newbie, he was an all-star, he was a free agent, he was repealed, he was traded, he was getting old He had every possible experience ”

“I was hoping to be a player, but I always wanted to be a coach,” said Westphal. “I was able to play for 12 years and postpone my coaching career”

Paul Westphal

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