Sen Rand Paul calls on House Democrats to elect a Congressman who once fell in love with an accused Chinese spy as an impeachment manager in the Senate trial of former President Donald Trump

“This afternoon Eric Swalwell, a man accused of teaming up with a Chinese spy, gave us a talk,” said Paul (R-Ky) on Twitter Wednesday afternoon following the California Democrat’s arguments in front of the Senate Chamber

Paul has spoken out loudly against the former Commander-in-Chief’s second impeachment, even attempting to take a measure previously declared unconstitutional, then finding that the vote presented an opportunity for Trump to be convicted as “dead.” on arrival ”

A December bombing Axios report found that Swalwell, a member of the powerful House Intelligence Committee, was attacked by an alleged Chinese spy before she fled the country in 2015

The woman named Christine Fang has teamed up with a number of US elected officials, including Swalwell, to break into the US political system, the outlet reported, citing US intelligence officials

Following the reveal, House and Senate Republicans expressed concern about Swalwell’s continued membership in the powerful Intel body

Those serving on the House’s Secret Service have access to some of the country’s most classified national security secrets – which raises questions about Swalwell’s suitability for the panel

House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif) declined to step down from the 40-year legislative committee and instead added him to the House Committee on Homeland Security just a month after the espionage scandal broke out
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga) reiterated Paul’s disapproval of Swalwell’s presence in the impeachment trial, posting on Twitter on Wednesday that the California Democrat “had a sexual relationship with a Chinese spy and sits on the Intel committee, and he’s one the impeachment manager ”

Swalwell, who has been married to Fang since dating and has two children, evaded questions about whether he had sex with the spy

Swalwell claims he has not had any contact with Fang since the FBI warned him about her in 2015 and that he was not accused of any wrongdoing

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Eric Swalwell

World News – US – Paul, Taylor Greene have taken over the impeachment role of Swalwell over the Chinese honey trap past