The Pac-12 North saw divisional race chaos on Saturday after its Washington and Oregon defeats.For a few hours until late at night, Oregon State’s hopes for partition were alive until its own watch was defeated went out against Utah

Following Stanford’s win in Seattle and Cal’s win in the Bay Area, the Pac-12 North Division race has become a three-team affair focused on Oregon’s upcoming matchup against the Washington Huskies, which should see the season begin for rivals in the Pacific Northwest end, and the decision to fight the bitter rivalry last weekend will give the Pac-12 the drama and intrigue it needs towards the end of the six-game season

Washington State is still alive but has to get past an undefeated USC team on Sunday. Should the Cougars win, they have a chance at the Pac-12 North title, however, if Washington state falls to USC, the winner will be crowned next Saturday in Autzen

This weekend the Huskies knew they would be playing for a chance at the Pac-12 title no matter what. Since Oregon fell to Oregon State last weekend and Washington will face Oregon next weekend, Stanford played the game – Ultimately, result does not matter It was the head-to-head match against the ducks that decided the conference

That is, until Oregon suffered its second loss of the year to Cal this weekend, Washington could have closed the conference with a win against Stanford, but fell to the Cardinal at home and set up the next weekend’s showdown

The scenario for Washington is clear – beat the ducks and you play on the 18th December for a Pac-12 title

Despite repeatedly losing defeats, the Ducks can still claim a second Pac-12 North title in a row and are only the second team to repeat themselves as division champions since Stanford 2012/13. The problem for the Ducks is that they are not directly controlling their own destiny

Oregon winning against Washington would open the door for Washington State to win the Pac-12 North Washington State must win its remaining two games, against USC this Sunday and then against Cal next weekend If one Defeat for Washington State, the Ducks hold the tiebreaker over the Cougars, with both teams finishing with two defeats at best

The Oregon Ducks have been very lucky this season, one of only three Pac-12 teams to have played five games on the fifth weekend of the season.Washington was able to play four games in a row after being canceled against Cal in the first week and Utah as a substitute for week four

If Washington and Oregon couldn’t play and there wasn’t a chance for a makeup game within the Pac-12 conference, the Washington Huskies would take home the Pac-12 North title, and Oregon’s two losses would them from the competition, but even then it would depend on which team can’t play.While one team could win the division, the conference would end the team with 2nd place, according to a report by Fox Sports’ Bruce Feldman Pick a place in the division if it is unable to play the Pac-12 title

The Pac-12 knew that setting up a game of rivalry between Oregon and Washington would be a great way to end the 2020 season, and they’re going to get the drama they asked for when the ducks hit the Pac-12 12 North compete against the Huskies on the line

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