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Update: People Can Fly has released an update on Outriders server issues that states the game should be accessible to players worldwide at the time of writing

The Outriders servers were very spotty on Friday, but People Can Fly seems to have things under control for the time being. As I write this Friday night at 7pm, everything is going smoothly after a quick and seamless login

Servers have been gradually brought back online, with the US being the last region to come back. If you tried to log in a few hours ago, please try again now of course there is no guarantee that stability will be maintained remains as big launches of online games are notoriously difficult to predict

US Outriders – Come back in and fuck the shit 🌩️Please break off our servers We need the 🔧👷Our teams will continue to monitor the overall situation Sorry, we kept you waiting Godspeed Outriders https: // tco / vrIpAJ7DPpApril 2 , 2021

Is Outriders Down? Simply put, yes Suffered from sporadic outages and disconnections on April 2, and at the time of writing on Jan. April most players will not be able to connect

Developer People Can Fly has fixed the persistent server problems on Twitter “Unfortunately, we are fully aware of the current server failures,” said studio manager Sebastian Wojciechowski. “Our partners at Square Enix are trying to fix the problem as soon as possible

“As developers who have worked very hard over the past five years to make this game great, we really hope that you are judging the game and not the teething related to server issues,” added Wojciechowski. “It is frustrating for you and frustrating for us Thank you very much for your interest in Outriders and hope to see you all soon on Enoch. Sorry for the inconvenience “

Launch day congestion is a good problem as always, but it’s still a problem We hope that People Can Fly, Square Enix and their partners can fix the ship soon, we are certainly among the viewers who want to play How As we said in our ongoing Outriders review, we’ve established so far that this is a fantastic cover-based shooter with exciting RPG elements, albeit one that is easily hampered by a Hammy story

Two years ago we asked several leading developers why big online games keep dropping out at launch. Your answers are just as relevant and helpful today: these problems are inevitable, and it’s the answer to them that matters most. p>

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Outriders server down

World news – USA – Outriders servers are online again for the time being