Evan Fournier and Aaron Gordon seem destined to be treated.They left everything on the floor for the Orlando Magic (Photo by Alex Menendez / Getty Images)

Evan Fournier said before Tuesday’s loss to the Denver Nuggets he wasn’t really interested in the trade rumors surrounding him. This isn’t the first time his name has been featured in various reports

His interest in the league trade rumors is the same as any other fan. He enjoys the same intrigue and storytelling as any other basketball fan

He took the time on Twitter to disapprove a report he shared with Orlando Magic that he would not re-sign with the team if it came to this this off-season

Felt a little different this time. After seven years in Orlando, it felt like it was for this group. This game had a sense of finality, even when Fournier didn’t want to say it

He may have played his last game in a Magic uniform after seven years on the team. And what an end it was

The Magic put together a full performance, recovering from a slow start and competing on both ends as expected under coach Steve Clifford. It ended with Fournier scoring a starting grid with 10 seconds to go The winner of the game would make up

This wasn’t a full Amway Center celebrating a victory over the runner-up team at the Western Conference. It wasn’t the goodbye anyone in an ideal situation would wish for. But this Magic team has to be at the door of their seemingly inevitable breakup Best done

If you send this group off this way, it will be a fitting end to their run together

It’s almost certain that this is the end, too. Everyone could feel it, even if the players directly involved didn’t want to speak or acknowledge it. They still hope they’ll be together on Friday when the Orlando Magic takes on the Competing Portland Trail Blazers

That hope may be just that. But it’s something deeper. It’s a connection to the place that many of these players called back home

It is extremely rare for players to spend seven years together and on the same team. Maybe the magic should have broken this group sooner. There were many opportunities that this team missed. There were times when the magic tried to break up force by focusing on other players

But you are here now. You made it through all the successes and failures that you have had

For Evan Fournier, Aaron Gordon and Nikola Vucevic, this is the only team they have ever known This is Home

“The fact that I’ve been here for seven years, have a son here, got married means more than a lot,” said Fournier after defeating the Phoenix Suns on Wednesday. “It’s hard to put words into me was traded here when I was 21 Now I’m a completely different man and a completely different gamer I have a lot of love for the franchise and the people who work here If this is the end, it’s the end I will of course love the franchise and we’ll see ”

Evan Fournier was truly a vagabond for much of his professional career.He moved out of his parents’ apartment at 13 to play professionally at an academy in France. He was drafted into the NBA at 19, and joined the NBA two years later Admitted to Orlando Magic for 21 years

Fournier has played seven of his nine seasons in the NBA with Orlando. He really didn’t know any other place

This is his home. His teammates probably feel the same way they have played in Orlando for most of their professional careers

It’s not just about the personal milestones a young person passes as they grow and mature, neither is it just about making the dish better

This is where Evan Fournier, Nikola Vucevic and Aaron Gordon put their roots in. They poured their hearts and souls into the game and for this city they all decided to stay in the city and signed a second and even third contract with the Team

They hurt every time they lost trying to figure out how to win, and they celebrated those big victories

You represented the shirt and franchise as best they could both on and off the pitch. You are rooted in this community. You are a part of it as much as it is a part of them

It’s hard to throw it all away It’s hard to say goodbye to

Gordon, who reportedly asked for a trade through his agents in February, said following Tuesday’s loss, the request was due to frustration over the accumulation of losses and the way this team did after the breakthrough in the postseason began to stagnate

But ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski reported on Woj and Lowe’s trading deadline for ESPN that Gordon was considering that request Letting go of home is very difficult

Aaron Gordon is right to fear this return to the lottery and start over

The Orlando Magic didn’t do the best job giving this trio the support and stability that young players need to be successful

You’ve played for five coaches during that time, you’ve shuffled through teammates and rebuilt and mismatched rosters and everything in between

The past seven years have been among the worst in Magic history.If fans are restless to move on, it is because this group was responsible for the worst run the team had in history – they couldn’t fully understand move forward

But changes are necessary to get where they want for both the player and the franchise

Letting go is still difficult. And it is good to look at the successes, even if they were fleeting

This group was able to break through and reach the playoffs in 2019 and last year

This win meant a lot to these players, as it was evident when they went off the floor in Boston after taking that first playoff spot, it was evident in the disappointment that they don’t have any of those fans starving for playoff success Could bring home victory

It was even more disappointing that they could no longer deliver in the bladder or see through growth. Everything was put on hold due to injuries as a new generation of players began to emerge and take root among them

They never got a chance to see how far they could grow.Instead, they hit their ceiling and fell back to the ground

There was a sense of finality when the Orlando Magic lost to the Milwaukee Bucks, the team stagnated that year too, and it seemed like the team needed to make some changes, perhaps the pandemic and injury delayed that

But it doesn’t feel like it could delay it any further Thursday seems to bring with it the promise of a long-awaited change and the end of an era

“Losing is extremely frustrating,” said Evan Fournier after Wednesday’s win. “But when you move from losing to playoffs and go through what we went through from the start, you create bonds that last a long time”I’m very connected to the coaching staff, the players, I’m having a great time. We’ll see”

No matter what, this trio will be forever linked to the franchise. All three should be in the Orlando Magic Hall of Fame one day, and will be welcomed again when their game days are over

On rare occasions, the magic of some core players will evolve on seemingly good terms and there will be no booing when they return

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