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Ole Miss football is 1-0 in bowl games under Lane Kiffin LFG Saturday’s win may have been closer than it should have been, but an Outback Bowl win against the No. 11 team in the country trumps any negativity that will just be be good things

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Here are the top five takeaways from a game that tasted as good as a blooming onion:

The Rebels Don’t Beat the Hoosiers Without Their Defense Performing A season-long troubled group did the unthinkable on Saturday, keeping their opponents under 21. Indiana made only 26 of its 46 passes for 201 yards without a touchdown the air and ran 168 yards with 40 runs Holding a team that ran nearly 90 games under 400 yards of attack is a tough feat It really doesn’t get any better for the Ole Miss 2020 team Give the whole unit a helmet sticker

Perhaps even more impressive was that the Landsharks allowed a conversion rate of 41 percent, which was the lowest all season. Jacquez Jones led the boxing standings with 13 tackles, but it was the secondary that really did noticed No, your eyes do not deceive you EINJ Finley and Otis Reese had the second best nine tackles and Reese had an interception. He’s a serious game changer who will play on Sundays. Having him at Oxford for the next few years is going to be huge

While the stats and numbers are one thing, nobody has had a bigger day than Tylan Knight.It’s been said every week, but it is said again – he only switched to the defensive side of the ball a few games this season and got instantly Thrown on the grid No 4 literally played his courage

And then, with the game on the line at the end of the fourth quarter, he stayed with Indiana’s top recipient and locked him up to ensure victory

Highlight will have an incredible career at Ole Miss Here he probably made the biggest game of the game @TylanKnight @TheRebelWalk #HYDR picTwittercom / kw5A6RqP7i

Other top performers included Sam Williams, MoMo Sanogo and Jalen Jordan Williams is the only legitimate defender on the field and draws most blocking plans his own way.As a result, he isn’t involved in the action that often, but he creates clutter up front allowing the guys around him to make a difference With another year and better athletes around him, Williams is going to be a freak

Watch Sam Williams eat the LT’s lunch, then force Tuttle upstairs to where Ryder Anderson finishes the game with a sack. The Sharks Are Loose # OutbackBowl @TheRebelWalk #OleMiss BildTwittercom / EcfBe4v1mT

Defensive coach Deke Adams was fired before the game and assistant Marquise Watson took over the bowl game. It should be a permanent position

Outback Bowl Champs✅ 1 Play as @OleMissFB DLine Trainer ✅ Damn I love these guysTwittercom / vAAmq7WZZx

John Rhys Plumlee turned 19 on Saturday and had a day to spare. After Elijah Moore signed off and Braylon Sanders was unable to play due to an injury, No. 10 moved from the quarterback room to the large reception room on Tuesday and stood in the slot and struggled to find a groove in the first half, but his final performance was crucial to leaving Tampa Bay in a win

Plumlee finished the race 73 yards on five catches, which is good for the team’s second highest mileage Jeff Lebby and Kiffin said he had to work the hardest to catch the ball in traffic, but he seemed to have figured it out He made a hard catch in the middle with an important third down, which isn’t easy for an established slot receiver, let alone a quarterback birthday boy blew a kiss after jumping off one hit and following him on the next Play with a massive 44-yard catch-and-run

Speaking at the post-game press conference on his afternoon, Kiffin had nothing but praise for one of his favorite boys

“We only had four fellows. The third downplay (caught Plumlee) was great,” he said, “You just can’t do that. This isn’t a Pop Warner You can’t just play the receiver and play, that’s really special”

It will be interesting to see if Plumlee makes the switch to the slot full-time, with Sanders returning next season and apparently having very little interest since Luke Altmeyer joined Quarterback as a replacement for Corral, it couldn’t make sense anymore for Kiffin and Kiffin Lebby could use him like on Saturday, in a more recipient specific role, they could use him all over the field like they did against Florida, or they could put him in the mix at quarterback for special packages and trick games.It has the potential really fun to be

Should he slip to the recipient seat, it’s no exaggeration to say that Plumlee could establish himself as one of the best at his position and create a legitimate path to the NFL. He’s such an athlete Give him a helmet sticker

After throwing five interceptions against LSU, Corral did what he had to do No 2, completed 30 of 44 passes for 342 yards and two touchdowns with an additional 42 yards on the ground. He received the game’s MVP award and fought in the process against cramps without almost 80 percent of the team’s production coming from the regular season

@ OleMissFB’s Matt Corral is your 2021 #OutbackBowl MVP! Corral was 30-44 for 342 yards and 2 touchdowns! Fantastic day from the # Rebels Signal Caller ImageTwittercom / XSpP8WHOU8

Corral did not force the ball into tight windows, stayed patiently in his pocket, and took what the defense gave him. A sophomore quarterback is superb and he is impressive at being able to stand out from his own Recovering Failures When the cover gives him a pillow, he drops a ball into the outstretched arms of his recipient

If the defense is tight on his first choice, he throws his receiver at his receiver with an arrow between two crashing corner backs The arm strength is unsurpassed

If the offensive on 4 and 1 counterattack, he gets out in front and throws a TOUGH leading block at a much larger defensive end. He doesn’t back away from anyone and plays at full speed through all four quarters. All gas, no pauses

At that moment, I knew Matt Corral was gang boy on Twittercom / nB3kSXcBsb

Luke Logan started day 2: 2 and then had a field goal blocked, missed from 29 meters and failed due to a possible game-deciding extra point attempt.The seven wasted points did not matter, thank God Logan and Rebel fans can now play at the kicker The new era is celebrated by five-star Caden Costa and 4The 5-star country Gebhart will fight for the place next year

On the other side of the kicking duo, we’re losing one of the greats in Mac Brown and have to celebrate his career. He averaged over 46 yards per kick with 27 kicks with a long of 59 and deserves a chance in Playing the NFL If Brown isn’t booming deep balls, he’ll put them where he wants, which is exactly what he did on Saturday

Ole Miss Football

World news – USA – Ole Miss showed Indiana Football “Hoosier” dad

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