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No 4 Ohio State beat No. 14 Northwestern 22-10 in Saturday’s Big Ten Championship game, claiming its fourth conference title in a row, and preparing for a potential spot in the college football playoffs It wasn’t a pretty game for the Buckeyes, and it’s up to the interpretation, but they got the job done anyway when it mattered

The state of Ohio didn’t score its first touchdown until late in the third quarter when it took the 13-10 lead. Before that, it had spent most of the afternoon moving in its own way, while the Buckeyes had a formidable opening ride, stopped but stopped in the red zone Justin Fields scored a touchdown, but it was brought back by a holding call that killed the drive and forced the state of Ohio to settle for a field goal it was the first time in the entire season that the Buckeyes didn’t score a touchdown on their opening run

Northwestern responded with their own touchdown drive to take a 7-3 lead and maintained that advantage until the end of the third quarter, with the time in between being spent with both teams failing to take chances or flipping the ball

The tide finally turned in the third quarter when the state of Ohio relied only on the star that trailed Trey Sermon and his floor game Sermon took over the game, ending with a Buckeyes single game record of 331 yards along with two touchdowns, who broke Eddie George’s previous high (314 yards, 1995) Compare that to Northwestern, who recorded only 329 yards of attack as a team Sermon also broke the Big Ten title game record

There will be a lot of politics from outside the top 4 – Jimbo Fisher has already started his case – but this win finalizes it for the Buckeyes you can never be sure what the CFP selection committee will do but when we look at how things have been handled so far there is no logical reason to move the horse chestnuts down, and if you argued against them that they didn’t play enough games, it has been all season, and the committee never removed her from the top 4. If you argue that her wins weren’t impressive enough and that win felt similar, it has been all year round The committee seems very impressed

The only plausible scenario I can think of would be if Florida beat Alabama in the SEC championship game, in which case it’s hard to imagine Alabama falling out of the top 4, it’s also hard to imagine being an SEC champion is left out, but this SEC champion would have two losses, one of them against a bad LSU team. Suddenly the debate would become a question of whether 6-0 is better than 9-2 with a win over Alabama Boy, isn’t that a debate I don’t want to have anything to do with?

You see it at every level of football with game callers. Passing it is sexy and usually much more effective than running the ball, especially if you have a good quarterback.Unfortunately, the pass can be too seductive and make players no longer clear think Ryan Day is a coach prone to this Today was just the latest example of the state of Ohio ignoring its running game when it was to be relied upon

The sermon ended with 331 yards of rushing and two touchdowns, but it’s not like all those yards came in the second half.He crushed it in the first half too, but after picking up a piece of yards, the decided Buckeyes throwing the ball and it kept hurting them Whether the receiver didn’t open, Fields held the ball too long, or just lacked accuracy, the Ohio state’s temporary attack killed the drives

It wasn’t until Day decided to give Sermon the ball that Ohio State crime became unstoppable. As an Ohio State fan, I spend the next few weeks hoping that Day won’t do that before the college football playoff forgets (or whatever bowl the state of Ohio is playing in)

Northwestern came into this game as a major underdog for a reason, it’s the role it was born for, but the Wildcats kept messing their lines, the state of Ohio made a lot of mistakes in the first half, but during the Buckeyes are talented enough to overcome mistakes, this is not the case in the Northwest. At least not against the state of Ohio

The script was written for Northwestern to create the shocking surprise they lured the horse chestnuts into their ugly game and kept it tight, but every time the wildcats were given a chance to take control, they screwed up you opened the second half with the ball and a 10-6 lead and drove into the red zone.Then Peyton Ramsey was picked up in the end zone with the chance to move up 17-6 and put all the pressure on the Buckeyes, and Ramsey turned the ball a few more times and that ultimately cost the cats the game

Every off-season we rank Power Five coaches here at CBS Sports, and every season I’ve got Pat Fitzgerald in my top 10. I get some flak for this from fans outside the Big Ten, but it can’t be emphasized enough how great Fitzgerald worked with this Northwestern program, helping develop a yearlong turnaround that saw the Wildcats move from last place in the west to Indianapolis.When they got there, they had a real chance at overcoming the surprise

Every time you watch Northwestern you get the feeling that it shouldn’t have a chance of winning the game, but there it is, usually it wins the game Northwestern has just got its Sporting Director Jim Phillips to the ACC commissioner lost, but the first thing Phillips replaces should be anything to make sure Fitzgerald stays in Evanston, Illinois for the rest of his career. It will make their job a lot easier

Who else could it be ?! 🏆🌰 Congratulations on the 2020 @bendet championship game MVP, @ OhioStateFB’s @treyera 👏👏 ImageTwittercom / asa2BFWS4i

“This is the most special group of young men I’ve ever seen in my life” @ OhioStateFB head coach @ryandaytime speaks to @joelklatt after winning the Buckeyes @BigTen championship 🙌🌰 picTwittercom / FLDgU4opEh

Hear from @justnfields about his thumb injury and Trey Sermon’s performance after winning the Big Ten Championship Game from @ OhioStateFB ⬇️ picTwittercom / zPvJcAKxRU

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