The victory of the high-ranking Djokovic in three sets against the fourth-placed Daniil Medvedev from Russia gave him his 18th Career Grand Slam title

MELBOURNE, Australia – They come almost every year now, this new group of challengers in men’s tennis who are so desperate to start their time in the sun to win the championships that everyone in the game treasures most and the three players beat is considered the best ever played on the biggest stage

So it went on Sunday evening in Melbourne Park, where Novak Djokovic did what he always did Djokovic, the veteran from Serbia, finished No. 1 in the world and discouraged the fourth-placed Daniil Medvedev from Russia 7: 5, 6: 2, 6: 2 in the final of the Australian Open

The win brought Djokovic his ninth Australian Open individual championship, a tournament record for men and 18th Grand Slam title of his career Djokovic has reached nine Australian Open finals and won every time, even in the last three years

With this Grand Slam championship, Djokovic is only two behind Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal in the race for the most important individual titles in a career.The 33-year-old Djokovic is one year younger than Nadal and six years younger than Federer, who will soon begin his comeback after two operations on his right knee However, it remains to be seen whether he will be a championship candidate or go on a farewell tour

Grand Slam titles are the first benchmark in any discussion of who the greatest player is in the modern and professional tennis era, also known as the Open Era, which began in 1968

The big three of men’s tennis, as they are called, now have 58 players under the age of 30 have only one. The younger ones, like Medvedev (25), who shortly after the loss called Djokovic and his cohorts “cyborgs of tennis”, are all too familiar with math

Djokovic was in the zone on Sunday night playing what his coach Goran Ivanisevic called a “masterpiece”

It was a win that Djokovic badly needed, said Ivanisevic after being disqualified from the United States Open in September for hitting a ball that hit a linesman and the drubbing Nadal gave him in the final of the French Open in October

“I have to agree with my coach,” said Djokovic of Ivanisevic’s assessment of the last few months. “I wanted to start this year as best as possible”

Shortly after arriving in Australia, Djokovic became an enemy of the state when he requested special treatment for 72 players who were quarantined for 14 days as 10 people on three charter flights these players made to Australia were positive upon arrival were tested for coronavirus

Then came an injured abdominal muscle – doctors, he said, told him it was torn – that almost forced Djokovic out of the tournament.He survived a five-set test in the third round and a four-set challenge with two tiebreakers in the quarterfinals

He managed the abdominal injury better than expected and then defeated the hottest player in tennis Medvedev had a winning streak of 20 games on Sunday night

Djokovic tried to put a little more pressure on his challenger, calling Medvedev “the man to beat” In reality, however, few doubted Djokovic’s lead. He stepped in as a two-time reigning champion and with a well-deserved aura of invincibility Rod Laver Arena in the late rounds in the match a

The Rod Laver Arena is a few hundred meters from the Yarra River and just a few kilometers from Port Phillip Bay When evening comes and the lights come on, seagulls flock to the rafters and screech through the night Da Djokovic so many of his games here at night denies, it becomes difficult not to think of these birds as his personal vultures bearing testimony as he kills his final victim

The reasons for Djokovic’s dominance are both physical and psychological. The finale always takes place at night. These night games, to which the birds come, are accompanied by legions of Serbs who shout the chant “Olé, olé, olé, olé” when her favorite son needs him most, often played in cooler temperatures than in warm weather, dry days of the Australian summer heat always melted Djokovic A cool evening like the one he met Medvedev is his favorite game partner

Also, the players say the change in weather completely changed conditions on the pitch, balls no longer bounce off the ground, holding so many of Djokovic’s hard, flat groundstrokes under his opponent’s knees and outside their striking zones in what looks like a simple backhand , is anything but, especially if the player who hit the original shot never lost the ultimate match here and the opponent’s counterattack too often ends up far, long or in the middle of the net

Medvedev made 67 mistakes, 30 of them casual, although against Djokovic the difference between a forced and a casual mistake is negligible Djokovic only served three aces, but he won 73 percent of the points on his first serve and 58 percent on his second Premium, numbers that usually lead to a dominant night

Djokovic won seven out of 11 breakpoints and 16 out of 18 points when he hit the net, outsmarting a player considered one of the smartest and most creative in the game by letting Medvedev guess and setting the kind of traps Medvedev placed known to have placed for his opponent, and scored three shots to put the winner on fourth

Neither Djokovic, Federer nor Nadal were beaten in a final against a player who is currently under 30 years old

Dominic Thiem from Austria came closer and played Djokovic out for long distances in the final of the Australian Open last year before Djokovic won in five sets.This match seemed to indicate a shrinking gap between the veterans and the young players who were trying to to be on their heels

But when Djokovic won the trophy again in Melbourne, he made it clear that he had no intention of relinquishing ownership of the crown he claimed for himself and the court he would soon call his second backyard / p>

Djokovic said it was a matter of time before Medvedev and his colleagues win grand slams, but right now he is in a race against history and his two biggest rivals It drives him and there is no thought of slowing down to become

Before Sunday’s game, Lleyton Hewitt, a former World No. Medvedev who was twice Grand Slam champion in the 2000s, said he had to create a moment to believe that he was Djokovic that night could beat in that place when Hewitt won the first tiebreaker against him Pete Sampras in his first triumph in a Grand Slam final

Medvedev’s first test came early after Djokovic broke him in his first service game and took him 3-0 up. One game later, Medvedev prevailed against Djokovic in a 28-shot rally in which both players from Sideline to sideline slipped to get his first chance to break Djokovic’s serve Minutes later it was 3-3 game on

Five games later the set seemed aimed at a tiebreaker, but the moment of truth for Medvedev came earlier with a serve of 5-6 and one point down, sending a forehand wide, Djokovic pushing into the net, and took a bad break when the shot that could have won the next point hit the tip of the power cord and gave Djokovic a sitter for a light pass shot

Just like that, triple the target value. Big serves saved the first two, but then Medvedev sent a forehand into the net. The big hill that no one in Medvedev’s generation could climb suddenly seemed so much higher

After prevailing on that first set, Djokovic switched from a steady run to a sprint.He broke Medvedev three times in the second set, causing him to break a bat, hit the ground with his substitute, and shrug his shoulders as if to he say he couldn’t do anything

“Even if I did better, that doesn’t mean the score would be any different,” he said

At the match point, Djokovic got up for a lob, stretched and whipped a final winner past Medvedev. He solemnly collapsed on the pitch, then quickly got up and pumped his arms against his box and the crowd until March, he will be more Weeks have spent ranked No. 1 than any other man The reign goes on, for Djokovic and for the Big Three

“Roger and Rafa inspire me,” said Djokovic as he sat next to the trophy “I’ve already said that I’ll say it again I think as long as they go, I’ll go”

Novak Djokovic

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