Don’t worry, Mr and Ms. Potato Head has gone nowhere (Photo by Michael Kovac / Getty Images [] for GenerationOn)

It’s not often that Mr. Potato Head Makes Headlines; Unless your child is obsessed with Toy Story, the antiquated spud isn’t exactly a hot commodity

But Hasbro remarkably managed to get the toy into the spotlight after announcing that it would be the “Mr.”From the Mr. Potato Head, to ensure that “everyone is made to feel welcome in the Potato Head world” “

I’m not sure a customer was ever too intimidated to talk to a Mr. Potato Head is based on their identity, but the idea is certainly good fodder for culture warfare Believe it or not, LGBT activists have far bigger concerns than removing the “Mr” from Potato Head

Of course, the usual suspects went to Twitter to poke fun at the announcement (and to be fair, the way the rebranding was done is really funny)

Call me cynical, but I don’t think companies are ignorant of the fact that the mere mention of the word “gender” in 2021 will lead to disproportionate discourse, after all, we live in a time when traditional gender norms are in place be challenged and the issue arouses anger and controversy Even innocuous events, such as gender unveiling parties, have sparked forest fires and caused deaths

“You have Mr. Potato Head non-binary ”is a good subject to call LGBT activists ideologically poisoned and obsessed with police language. But in reality, Mr. Potato Head has not disappeared, woman neither does Potato Head

Hasbro hasn’t really removed gender from toys – they continue to sell Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, unchanged Only the branding on the box was changed to “Potato Head” “

That’s it – that’s the story It’s a simple rebrand, meant as an act of empathy and inevitably used as fuel for the culture war, creating headlines, hot takes, and Twitter jokes

It doesn’t make the life of the LGBT community any safer, but it does lead to renewed relevance for the Potato Head brand. In fact, the rebranding was perfectly coordinated and made headlines with the passage of the Equal Opportunities Act

Whatever your view of the change, I’m sure you can agree – the marketing department at Hasbro deserves a raise

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World News – USA – No, Mr Potato head is not gender neutral