You can earn a number of free toiletries just for playing a few games with an old buddy

Whether due to burnout, work, and school commitments, or just wanting to play something else, it’s only natural that our Fortnite friendship groups change over time.

Epic Games has introduced a new scheme to get former Fortnite fans back on the battle bus. The Restart Friend program rewards you for working with players who have not signed up in a while

It’s been a while since you and your squad played together? Well don’t worry! Bring your friends back together, play Fortnite and earn great rewards with the Reboot a Friend program All info here: https: // tco / vZQI0d3ZRl picTwittercom / Fjer8QTdws

Visit the official restart a friend website for a list of all friends ready to restart Choose carefully, you can only choose one right now!

It’s easy from here, just top up Fortnite, invite your buddy, and start playing, the game will automatically track your progress, but you can also check it through the website

Both you and your friend will receive the in-game items within 7 days of completing the required number of games

First of all, the beta version of Reboot a Friend is released from April 14 December 2020 at 3 a.m. to 4 Available January 2021 at 3 a.m.

Depending on the success of this initial trial period, it is likely that Epic will continue to iterate and expand the program in the future, possibly at even cooler prices

Restarting a Friend

World News – USA – The new “Restarting a Friend” program rewards you for bringing people back to Fortnite