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Capitol cop Eugene Goodman was widely recognized for his actions back in January 6 for violating the Capitol building, which lured rioters away from the Senate chambers, where many lawmakers sought refuge

“But there’s more to his heroic story,” said Stacey Plasket, the U.’s congressional delegateS. Virgin Islands argued Wednesday afternoon during the impeachment proceedings against former President Donald Trump for inciting insurrection

Security footage, shown for the first time during the trial on Wednesday, showed Goodman Utah Sen orchestrating Mitt Romney heading for security during the Capitol attack

In the footage, Romney is seen walking down a Capitol hallway on the second floor before Goodman runs in his direction, signaling the Republican senator and former Massachusetts governor to turn around. In response, Romney turns and runs

According to Plasket, the crowd of Trump supporters – hoping to halt the certification of the President’s findings last fall – were already on the first floor looking for the Senate Houses when Goodman pointed Romney the other way / p>

Romney told reporters at the Capitol on Wednesday night that he didn’t realize it was Goodman at the time, but he wanted to thank him

“I was very lucky that Officer Goodman was there to point me in the right direction,” Romney said

“Obviously very disturbing to see the great violence our Capitol Police and others are exposed to,” he added. “It tears your heart apart and brings tears to your eyes. That has been overwhelmingly stressful and emotional”

Romney: “Obviously very disturbing to see the great violence our Capitol Police and others are exposed to. It tears your heart apart and brings tears to your eyes. That was overwhelmingly stressful and emotional”

Goodman continued downstairs where he confronted the group, paused for a moment before slowly retreating and up the stairs. Previously released footage showed Goodman working on the second floor to lure the rioters away from the entrance to the Senate Chamber, to slide one of them lightly and then move it in the opposite direction

The footage shown on Wednesday included an overhead graphic of Vice President Mike Pence and his family being in a nearby room at the time, before being evacuated down stairs near the Senate Chamber entrance / p>

As the Washington Post reported last month, Goodman’s actions likely prevented a violent confrontation Not only did some rioters carry things like baseball bats and zip ties, but armed officers – including one with a semi-automatic weapon – are said to have secured the doors to the Senate Chamber, which was where the legislature was at the time

Last month, several dozen senators, including Romney, tabled a bill to honor Goodman with the Congressional Gold Medal, the bill states that he “undoubtedly saved lives”

Eugene Goodman, Mitt Romney

World News – USA – New footage shows Capitol policeman Eugene Goodman escorting Mitt Romney to safety during the uprising