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Reporting on the impact of the coronavirus on the sports world

The new era of Brooklyn Nets basketball is officially underway when Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and James Harden spoke for the first time together against the Cavaliers on Wednesday night, however it’s safe to say that things are not going according to plan ran as the Cavaliers won 147-135 in double overtime

Collin Sexton stole the show, dropping a career high of 42 points with five rebounds and five assists.At one point he scored 20 direct points for the Cavs, including an incredible stretch in double overtime to postpone the game; Cedi Osman scored 21 Points, seven rebounds and seven assists

Brooklyn started off the field at 10 out of 10 and looked utterly unstoppable for a few minutes.But from that point on, things weren’t that simple.There were other sections that they got it going on but for big ones Parts of the game they looked out of sync, resembling a team trying to figure things out in the blink of an eye, Durant put on 38 to take the lead, while Irving had 37 and Harden had 21

What a game! That was wonderful Between COVID-19, all the injuries and (mostly) empty arenas, this wasn’t the most enjoyable season from a basketball-only product standpoint.Sometimes it definitely feels like everyone is just going through the moves, but that certainly was in this game not the case

We had the intrigue of Durant, Irving and Harden playing their first game together, dramatic shots and calls on the track, and a jaw-dropping performance from Sexton who gave us one of the most entertaining tracks in basketball in a long time to come really not much better than that, especially at a strange time of year

This game was supposed to be about the debut of the New Big Three on the Networks, but it would be unfair to give them top reckoning after what Collin Sexton did on Wednesday night, it’s weird to have a regular Season game on a Wednesday evening in January qualified as a coming-out party, but that’s exactly what it was for the young guard

The Nr Sextons rookie season was completely memorable, and its second season was ended prematurely by the coronavirus pandemic.But now, after almost a full year hiatus because the Cavs weren’t invited to the bladder, Sexton has brought back a new man

When the star-studded nets hit town, Sexton finally had a chance to demonstrate his improvement, and boy did he ever have. Here are the numbers first: a career high of 42 points to 16 of 29 from the field and 5 from 11 from 3-point land, five rebounds, five assists and two steals

It wasn’t just that he was making big stats, however, with Irving draped, he hit a 3-pointer with 1.2 seconds left in the first overtime to tie the game and double the overtime there, he has an incredible stretch of gunshot making which was one of the coolest things anyone has ever done on the court in a long time. Overall, he scored 20 direct points for the Cavs to clean things up

Aside from the bottom line, this went pretty much as expected, there were stretches – the start of 10 of 10 and the comeback in the fourth quarter – where the big three were all on the ground, the offensive flowed, and they looked completely unstoppable on this is arguably the largest collection of offensive talent in history, and sometimes the only answer is to throw up your hands and ask yourself, “What should we do?”

At the same time, this is still a work in progress, and you can tell they were trying to figure things out in the blink of an eye, there were times when the offensive could stagnate with too much single play and it doesn’t look like the RPG players The nets are completely satisfied with their roles in the minutes that Harden is running the show alone. They were also a bit careless with the ball in this game, flipping it 16 times

Then there is the defense, of course, which is not expected to be very good.Neither of the big three is a lockdown defender, and there have been times when the Cavaliers just cut them up with fairly simple actions that usually get too much on the offensive side Have firepower and it doesn’t matter, but there will be games like this where defense is a real problem

▪️ @KyrieIrving falls on his return at 37 and @ KDTrey5 becomes the second Brooklyn Net ever with three consecutive 30 games @ BeyondMeat picTwittercom / GeZdugBkfZ

📊 Final statistics 📊 @ KDTrey5 ▪ 38p ▪ 12r ▪ 8a ▪ 4blk @ KyrieIrving ▪ 37p ▪ 3a @ JHarden13 ▪ 21p ▪ 12a ▪ 10r @ Onkeljeffgreen ▪ 16p ▪ 7r @ DeAndre ▪Twittercom / plntPaCvjU

📊 Final Statistics 📊 @ KDTrey5 ▪ 38p ▪ 12r ▪ 8a ▪ 4blk @ KyrieIrving ▪ 37p ▪ 3a @ JHarden13 ▪ 21p ▪ 12a ▪ 10r @ Onkeljeffgreen ▪ 16p ▪ 7r @ DeAndre ▪Twittercom / aZYV9jTb77

Cavs win it 147-135 Sexton dropping a career high of 42 and scoring at a point 20 straight for the Caves What a game

Sexton! Man, he’s come to play big three tonight to pitch the caves early in the second overtime

Sexton binds it !!! 127-127 with 1 2 seconds left nets take time out and have a chance to win it

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World News – USA – Nets fall to Cavaliers in the Big Three’s debut game, but there were some fireworks from Durant , Kyrie and Harden