The 2021 NCAA men’s tournament had a trick up its sleeve for the final Elite Eight game.After favorites Houston, Baylor and Gonzaga beat their tickets for the Final Four, UCLA caused another shocking surprise and became the fifth No. 11 seed to reach the national semifinals in tournament history

Will the Bruins now be the first No. 11 seed to actually win the Final Four, or will the mighty Gonzaga continue his quest for an unbeaten season? (Imagine jumping into a 2008 time machine and trying to explain that UCLA would be the brave underdog of perennial title contender Gonzaga)

On the other half, will it be Baylor or Houston who get a chance in their first national championship in program history?

To optimally prepare you for the last weekend of this season, we’ve put together a comprehensive breakdown of the four teams still standing

We’re going to look at how they got here, how they can keep winning, the biggest storylines for each team, the brightest stars, the underrated guys to watch out for, and of course, predictions

Path to the Last Four: 87-56 via # 15 Cleveland State; 63-60 through No. 10 Rutgers; 62-46 via No. 11 Syracuse; 67-61 about No. 12 Oregon State

Greatest strength: No. 1 in defensive effective field goal percentage and No. 2 in offensive rebound percentage

Achilles heel: No. 136 in offensively effective field target percentage and No. 151 in defensive rebound percentage

In terms of sowing, Houston faced the easiest four-game path to the Final Four in NCAA tournament history, but the Cougars didn’t make it that easy

In the second round win against Rutgers, Houston was less than five minutes from nine and looked dead in the water until Myles Johnson missed an alley-oop dunk for the Scarlet Knights, which instantly turned into a DeJon Jarreau -Three turned on the other end. This five-point blow opened the door for Houston to claim a dramatic victory

Speaking of storming back, the Cougars allowed Oregon State to bounce back from a 17 point half-time deficit with a 38:21 run back to start the second half, Houston was amorphous through the Defense of the OSU nervous, but finally aimed the ship for a victory

But mainly the Cougars came here with defense. Tournament opponents have an average of 558 points per game, which is only slightly more stingy than the 579 marks with which they entered the dance

The Cougars were scheduled to play a street game against the Crimson Tide on December 19, but that was canceled because Houston was on a COVID-19 hiatus at the time.This game would almost certainly have had an impact on both teams’ seeding, especially considering Alabama replaced that game against Houston with a home loss to Western Kentucky

Had the Cougars played this game and won, say goodbye to, “Yeah, well, who did they play?” Narrative that has followed this team for months

Outside of the neutral game against Texas Tech, Houston’s toughest regular season opponent has been either the home game against Memphis or the street game against SMU, neither of which would have hit the top 10 in trouble on Baylor’s schedule in Beat Bama, and Houston makes one more legitimate case for a No. 1 seed with its sensational analytics

Conversely, if that game had resulted in a win in Alabama – which in turn would have replaced a terrible loss to Western Kentucky – we would most likely be fourth No. landed 1 seed while Losing Houston likely on a No. Would have encountered 3 seeds

With so many postponements and cancellations this season, there are a lot of such games with butterfly effects. However, this man’s wings really would have fluttered a little wind

Path to the last four: 79-55 via No. 16 Hartford; 76-63 over No. 9 Wisconsin; 62-51 via No. 5 Villanova; 81-72 over No. 3 Arkansas

Baylor faced some tough testing in their last three games, but the Bears eventually put each of those competitions out of reach To bind or to take leadership

This team was excellent at defending ahead of the February COVID-19 break, but aside from a healthy dose of nightly steals, the bears have had a bit of a struggle since returning under Davion Mitchell’s leadership at the time of the attack, they were making Wisconsin , Villanova and Arkansas just made life difficult. Each of these opponents was well above their season average in percentage terms, shooting a combined 14-of-49 (28) 6 percent) out of three-point

Baylor’s bench trio of Adam Flagler, Matthew Mayer and Jonathan Tchamwa Tchatchoua were also great. In each of the four games, these three players together scored at least 24 points.Baylor basically has eight starters which is a big part of what it is Made so deadly all season

It was a neck and neck race between Baylor and Gonzaga for the title of “Best Team in the Country” in early February. “Gonzaga took a big lead on his ridiculous non-conference schedule, but Baylor was 17-0 and won with convincing youngsters Wins against Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech quickly gaining ground on the Zags

It rightly felt like we were headed for a national championship showdown between two undefeated teams

But then Baylor had to leave for three weeks between games, came back rusted and suffered a few losses on the track

While it still felt like the bears were (or would be back soon) the country’s second best team, this dream national championship pairing lost some of its appeal when they became mortal – and when we did had to leave while without watching them Had they been able to stay healthy and undefeated, the prospect of a clash between Baylor and Gonzaga would have been a twice-night conversation for the past few weeks

Path to the last four: 98-55 via No. 16 Norfolk State; 87-71 across No. 8 Oklahoma; 83-65 over No. 5 Creighton; 85-66 over No. 6 USC

Gonzaga was effortlessly merciless with the Zags leading double digits in each of their four games before halftime, and it took just five minutes and five seconds to build such a big lead in USC’s elite eight defeat

Many of us thought that Evan Mobley and the USC Long Zone were finally going to create some trouble for Gonzaga’s offense, but that couldn’t have been further from the truth The Bulldogs cut and rolled that defense for 49 points with just one Sales in the first half You weren’t quite as relentless after the break, but you didn’t have to be. The game was over in about 10 minutes

Jalen Suggs fought (by his elite standards) in the Sweet 16 win over Creighton but was back tremendously against the Trojans with 18 points, 10 rebounds and eight assists, which is wonderful news (for Gonzaga anyway) the way to the home straight

If you’re looking for signs of weakness before the last four, you won’t find any

If you remember, Gonzaga and Baylor were supposed to face each other on December 5, but that game was canceled just hours before it started due to COVID-19 issues with Gonzaga

The Zags are preferred if this matchup takes place on Monday night, but would they have won this regular season game?

Keep in mind that Jalen Suggs sustained a scary looking foot / ankle / Achilles injury in the previous game against West Virginia and probably would not have played 100 percent healthily, it would also be Gonzaga’s fourth neutral game against a major conference opponent within nine days of Baylor’s depth and athleticism, Gonzaga would probably have been a big problem by that point on the calendar
Really, it’s best that the game didn’t happen instead, both teams made it through at least the end of February with an unbeaten record, which sparked months of debate over who was better than that and feeling like the game was ours was taken away, the interest in a possible national championship game aroused far more than the prospect of a rematch

Path to the last four: 86-80 (OT) via # 11 Michigan State; 73-62 over Nr 6 BYU; 67-47 about No. 14 Abilene Christian; 88-78 (OT) over No. 2 Alabama; 51-49 across No. 1 Michigan

You survived two overtime games and a third that involved a do-or-die shot in regulation

They defeated the enigmatic state of Michigan in the first four games, an offensively efficient BYU in the first round, the best-selling defense in the country (Abilene Christian) in the second round, and then recorded successive title changes competitors with excellent defense and far more than capable perimeter attacks in the Sweet 16 and Elite Eight

It goes against all reasons UCLA did this, as it has only had one win over a large team in the regular season – a three-point home win over a Colorado team that plays without a starting center

Oral Roberts, who hit the Sweet 16, was more predictable, but that’s why we love this beautifully chaotic tournament

In December, UCLA had an impressive forecourt in the competitive loss to the state of Ohio, Smith, Hill and Cody Riley together scored 31 points and 14 rebounds. Johnny Juzang was only playing in his third game with the Bruins at the time and was still playing didn’t evolve into the star it is now, but it didn’t take a lot of squinting to see this team win the Pac-12 and make a legitimate NCAA tournament run

But Smith suffered an ACL tear in the last game in December, and Hill left the team a month later for personal reasons The Bruins stayed with Riley and not much more in the color

Had they been able to keep these two guys down, maybe they wouldn’t have entered the NCAA tournament with losses in seven of their last 12 games, or maybe those growing pains with a bare squad were just that, what they needed to prepare for this unpredictable run

who knows? Team chemistry is weird but we can’t help but wonder how much better than a no 11 seed UCLA full strength could have been

The other teams’ storylines are very interesting, but this is the be-all and end-all of this Final Four: will Gonzaga quit the job?

In the past four decades, only two teams have made it to the Final Four with a flawless record in 1991, UNLV lost in the Final Four to Duke Then in 2015, Kentucky lost to Wisconsin in the Final Four, making Indiana from 1975 to 1976 the youngest team to lead the table

And after all these past few years of teams hoping for 40-0, it’s almost too perfect that Gonzaga’s pursuit of 32-0 success in this shortened season would match the final record the Hoosiers set 45 ago Years had set up

If the Zags can win two more, do us all a favor by shoving all of your asterisks right up your butt

Gonzaga has won four neutral games against AP Top 16 opponents in the regular season, and finishing the tournament with Baylor (likely) is no joke Compare the schedule Gonzaga faced with the one with faced UCLA in one of their undefeated seasons under John Wooden, and you’re likely to experience a rude awakening

(Gonzaga’s Secondary Plot: Is This the End of an Era or the Beginning of a Dynasty? Gonzaga has now been to four Elite Eights in the last six tournaments, but this could be the start of an incredible series of championships Jalen Suggs did the 5- Star Seal Broken at Spokane Mark Few has already signed a top 10 recruit in Next Year’s Class (Hunter Sallis) and is the big favorite to sign the No. 1 Overall Recruit (Chet Holmgren) we’ll have to wait and see who everyone stays and goes this off-season, but get ready to see Gonzaga at No. 1 also opens 1 in the polls)

A number of respected programs have never been to a Final Four, notably Alabama, BYU, Creighton, Missouri, Tennessee, and Xavier In that regard, reaching this stage for the first time since 1950 isn’t a big deal for Baylor

But when Scott Drew took that job, it was one of the most unlikely situations ever rebuilt after a Baylor player murdered a teammate in June 2003, and the subsequent investigation revealed all sorts of shortcomings that existed under then head coach Dave Bliss were allowed to fester Several NCAA penalties were imposed on Baylor, including recruitment restrictions, scholarship cuts and the one-time sanction not to play non-conference games in the 2005-06 season

Even Tommy Amaker, who took the job in Michigan just before the Fab Five scandal, can’t be compared to the dumpster fire that Drew inherited in Baylor.He still had the bears in the NCAA tournament until 2008, in the elite Eight through 2010 and now they’re in the Final Four as one of the best teams in the country. Pretty much the 18 year old trip and it would be fun to see him finish the job

(Baylor’s Secondary Plot: Would a Baylor title cause teams to try to repeat that approach of dominance with threes, offensive rebounds, and steals, or is this a perfect storm of talent that cannot reasonably be duplicated? )

In the last few weeks there has been a lot of talk about transfers, as this year’s transfer portal cycle is already well over 1000 players includes

Quentin Grimes began his college career in Kansas Justin Gorham was from Towson Reggie Chaney is a new signing from Arkansas Cameron Tyson was from Idaho Both DeJon Jarreau and Brison Gresham played one season in Massachusetts before landing in Houston

These six players are among the top eight this season by Houston freshman Tramon Mark and sophomore Marcus Sasser are the only exceptions to this rule

Gonzaga, who made it to the 2017 national championship game with three previous transfers on the starting line-up, was something of a turning point for transfers in College Tire Houston, which wins it all with so many key transfers would things take things even further in that direction drift

(Houston’s secondary act: Kelvin Sampson’s quest for redemption after recruiting violations in Oklahoma and Indiana that led him to take jobs in the NBA for six years)

Less than three weeks ago, Cronin was the men’s college basketball coach most put down for postseason failures

He went just 3-7 in his last seven seasons with Cincinnati, including that one disastrous loss when the No. 2 seeded Bearcats took a 22-point lead over Nevada in the second half, it just seemed as if the man was meant to never reach the Final Four

But in the UCLA portion of his coaching career, Cronin is now 5-0 in the NCAA tournament after being only the second coach to complete the first four-to-final four run and to Shaka while at VCU Smart switched

The “can’t win in March” label is gone for good, but what if it leads UCLA to a win over Gonzaga on Saturday? Move on, 1983 Jim Valvano That would be the biggest underdog story in the history of the NCAA tournament

Just don’t call it Cinderella You cannot win 11 national championships as a program and be considered a Cinderella

(UCLA’s secondary offense: There’s no way to hit Glen Rice’s record of 184 points, but where will Johnny Juzang end up in the all-time leaderboard for points in a single NCAA tournament? He’s currently at 108, averaging 216 per game If he can score 48 more points and reach 156, that would be the highest total since Rice’s record in 1989. The current leader of the “last three decades” is Juan Dixon’s 155 points in 2002)

Jared Butler, BaylorTournament stats: 130 PPG, 48 APG, 33 RPG, 20 SPG, 6 out of 24 (250 percent) out of three

If you haven’t seen Baylor during the regular season and were expecting to be blown away by his first-team All-American team, you’ve probably been disappointed, butler shot it well against Wisconsin but was limited by nasty problems And And then, against both Villanova and Arkansas, he struggled to find his shot and didn’t make nearly the kind of impact he’s usually had in recent months

Still one of the Bears’ biggest stars, however, he could quickly make everyone forget that uneven start to the tournament if he lights Houston for 30 points and eight assists, as he did in Baylor’s first game against Kansas he immediately a top candidate for the most outstanding player

Quentin Grimes, Houston Tournament Statistics: 180 PPG, 48 RPG, 25 APG, 18 SPG, 17-of-39 (436 percent) out of three

In the last three rounds, Houston could just as easily have changed its name from cougars to bricklayers, shooting 65 of 181 (359 percent) from the field and 36 of 56 (643 percent) from the free throw line

But at least Grimes has stayed hot out of three-point range in its last 13 games, the Combo Guard has removed 59 out of 124 from downtown, averaging 45 triples per contest.He was also a key defender with at least two steals in each Houston’s last three games Given the proximity of the games against Rutgers and Oregon State, the Cougars have used every ounce of its production on both ends of the floor

DeJon Jarreau, Houston Tournament Stats *: 120 PPG, 70 RPG, 60 APG, 4 out of 13 (308 percent) out of three * without opener vs. Cleveland State, where he only played a minute with a hip injury

For a man who wasn’t even expected to play Rutgers because of that hip injury, Jarreau was sensational.He had 17 points against the Scarlet Knights, including the three-pointer transition towards the end of the second half and then had last weekend he had at least nine points, eight rebounds and eight assists in every game Hardly a surprise from a man who had a triple-double against Tulane in Houston’s first game of the AAC tournament Houston is a perfect 14-0 this season, if he has at least six assists or six rebounds

Much like Quentin Grimes, Jarreau is also a must-have asset on the defensive end of the floor with an average of almost 20 combined blocks and steals per game.He also does a great job of slowing down / turning off quick interruption opportunities, which in turn enables Houston to be more aggressive towards the offensive glass

Kentucky is nowhere near this year’s NCAA tournament, but a former slice of Kentucky seems so bright for another Blue Blood program

Juzang was great throughout UCLA’s five-game run, but he was particularly fatal in the first half of Tuesday night’s win against Michigan.The Wolverines defense in the suit was as impenetrable as advertised, but Juzang wore the Bruins in Going it alone with jumpers Michigan threatened to open the game wide early on, but Juzang scored 14 of UCLA’s first 16 points, had 18 at halftime and finished on 28

The game was nowhere near as aesthetic as the 2019 Elite Eight classic between Virginia and Purdue, but Juzang’s individual performance was on par with Carsen Edwards’ performance that night two years ago
At one point in the Sweet 16 game against Villanova, Mitchell realized that the Wildcats were unable to contain his blows.Similarly, in Monday night’s game against Arkansas on offense, he’s usually a perimeter shooter or a perimeter shooter a distributor, but he was released as a nearly unguarded layup machine (if and when he starts hitting three pointers again, oops)

But Mitchell’s main value is in the defensive end of the court. He completely changed the trajectory of the Villanova game by terrorizing a squad without a skilled point guard, and the Arkansas game completely changed when he was in dire straits had to and the razorbacks suddenly had room to operate on the offensive. He’s not the guy with the highest NBA draft inventory, but he’s the most important player left in this tournament

Gonzaga certainly didn’t shy away from the spotlight, but Suggs struggled in the first three rounds. He was 1 of 11 out of the three-point range with 11 assists and 14 turnovers

If you were worried he might hit the proverbial freshman wall, he allied those concerns with a monstrous performance against USC, crushing the Trojans with 18 points, 10 rebounds and eight assists (all three points were his best so far of the tournament) We’ll see which version of Suggs pops up last weekend, but Gonzaga would be heading to a national championship if he had two more games like this up his sleeve

The most unstoppable part of the runaway Gonzaga freight train is Timme, who has now scored at least 22 points, five rebounds and four assists in three consecutive games

It’s the templates that made it impossible to protect him. It’s one thing to have good footwork, the ability to make contact, and the ability to deal with that contact, all of which Timme has. But his Willingness to find the open teammate means you just can’t afford to double him up on the post.From there he mostly wins the single fight

Another great thing about Timme is the way he walled off the post as he battled for his position.He’s fatal with the ball in his hands, but he also manages to make room even if he does Every single Gonzaga player converts two at a high rate because Timme facilitates his teammates’ shots

It’s a little ridiculous to call the UCLA starting point guard an “underrated” player, but Campbell really flies under the radar compared to the other Bruins starters

He’s not flashy and rarely fills in the boxing score, but it feels like he’s making at least two critical games in every game, the biggest on Tuesday night came right after Michigan took its first lead in about an hour in real time Campbell came down and orchestrated a switch to coordinate with the bigger (and battling miserably that night) Franz Wagner.He blew right past him, put the Bruins back a point, and more or less hit Michigan’s comeback >

Campbell doesn’t fill the boxing score with sales either. He’s only got six in this tournament so far and has had either a positive or even an assist-to-turnover ratio in every game this season. His steadfastness at point guard was critical to that Success of UCLA

Singleton is so underestimated that his team apparently forgot about him against Michigan UCLA’s most accurate three-point shooter (470 percent per year) was enormous in the Sweet 16 win against Alabama and reached a career high with 15 points, but he only played against the Wolverines five minutes, not trying a three-pointer

I was sure he would be an important part of the Bruins roster to deal with Michigan’s superb central defense, but maybe Mick Cronin is saving his wild card for the Gonzaga game right now

JTT or “Every Day Jon” is not a stats stuffer. The last time he either scored more than eight points or scored more than six rebounds in a game was on Jan 2 He used to have more influence on the boxing score at the beginning of the year, but for the bears he has committed himself to a role much more than glue. The same goes for Flo Thamba, with whom Tchamwa Tchatchoua shares the central tasks

While the other six regulars do most of the scoring, JTT and Thamba are out there because of their defensive size and tenacity in the offensive glass. Tchamwa Tchatchoua will make at least one big game in every game

Andrew Nembhard replaced Watson on the starting line-up in early February, but the big man’s role hasn’t changed – he’s still the often overlooked fifth zag on the pitch who plays great defense, takes rebounds and rarely misses a shot / p>

Against USC, Watson played 17 minutes and only shot one shot (he missed it and lowered his two-point percentage to 720) He was a key player in that game, with four rebounds, two steals and a block in a great one Defensive game for Gonzaga as a whole

White missed the first 19 games of the season in Houston as he recovered from a torn ACL, but it wasn’t long before he became a central part of the rotation again

Justin Gorham is still Houston’s most important man and one of the best offensive rebounders in the country, but White’s return gave the Cougars a strong four-man forecourt, having played exactly 19 minutes in each of Houston’s first four tournament games and while doing nine offensive rebounds knocked down on the ground, a great perk to add that type of hitter in mid-February
If everything goes according to plan, these three things will happen and Houston will win its first national championship in program history

Houston leads the nation in terms of effective field goal percentage in defense, ranking 13th Square in relation to steal percentage that is, there’s a better chance than a one in five that the Cougars will force a turnover and only a three in eight chance that the opponent’s shot will come in even if they don’t have a turnover They kept 22 of 31 opponents to 60 points or less and only allowed more than 68 twice. And we always say that the defense wins championships

In the win from behind against Rutgers, Houston had 14 second chance points out of 16 offensive rebounds, including Tramon Mark’s lead change and 1 putback in the last 30 seconds Against Oregon State, it was 15 second chance points out of 19 offensive rebounds, five of those Points came in straight after the Beavers came all the way back to tie the game. Houston is great at correcting its own mistakes and ranks second on offensive rebounds

Houston is so good at so many things, except for the smallest detail of sticking the ball through the hoop The Cougars have only shot 35 percent off the field in the last three games, averaging a meager 640 points It’s good that they consistently won the sales battle (by a narrow margin) and the rebound battle (by a ridiculous margin) otherwise they wouldn’t be here But to beat Baylor and ultimately win a national championship, 359 percent shooting won’t cut it

If everything goes according to plan, these three things will happen and Baylor will win his first national championship in program history

Baylor’s defense was excellent, but his defensive rebound – already the team’s biggest pre-tournament concern – is getting worse from round to round.The Bears held Hartford to 194 percent offensive rebound, but then Wisconsin got 233, Villanova got 333, and Arkansas got 379 Led by Justin Gorham, Reggie Chaney and Fabian White JrHouston is more than dominant enough on the offensive to steer that trend in the wrong direction for Baylor.If the Bears can keep the Cougars down to anything more in the 28 percent range than 45, they should at least get the championship game

So far, Baylor has made 29 turnovers in the tournament and forced 69.Save your # nice answers because that’s just a ridiculous margin Davion Mitchell has 19 assists and eight steals for seven turnovers, and those thefts don’t even reflect his overall impact on that Defense Against Because He Made Far More Sales No team left in the field is particularly sales vulnerable, but if Baylor could get a 10-plus against Wisconsin and Villanova, it could do it to anyone

Baylor couldn’t buy a three-pointer in beating Villanova, but that’s usually what this team does best and leads the nation at 41.1 percent success rate The Bears shot 8-of-17 against Wisconsin and 8-of- 15 against Arkansas, and they got at least 10 triples in 50 percent of the games they played. If they shoot like this, they are reproachless

If everything goes according to plan, these three things will happen and Gonzaga will win his first national championship in program history

Aside from the WCC championship where BYU was molten hot magma off the field in the first half, the only time Gonzaga was rightly challenged this season was in early December against West Virginia, with the Jalen Suggs temporarily left the game with a lower leg injury The climbers immediately made a 14-6 run afterwards, but the Zags won the second half by 10 points and Suggs back on the field if they had another week of injuries (and especially COVID-19) avoid, Gonzaga remains the clear favorite

The efficiency metrics love this Gonzaga defense, but how good is it really? Gonzaga faced seven KenPom Top 50 opponents prior to the NCAA tournament, allowing 790 points per game and 103 points per possession in those competitions.It also allowed 71 points on 69 possessions against Oklahoma in the second round, and the Sooners were that season no big offense and played without one of their top scorers (De’Vion Harmon) At this point it is clear that no one is going to beat Gonzaga by keeping it at 70 points, but Baylor could win a 92-90 type game if Gonzagas D struggled

Gonzaga shot 758 percent off the ball against Creighton and then went for 578 percent (26 of 45) against a USC defense who previously led the nation with a 415 percent two-point defense, there’s really no hope of slowing that inside attack, especially if the Zags can score in the transition, which they do fairly regularly, unless they inexplicably forget to rely on what they do best, they should win

If everything goes according to plan, these three things will happen and UCLA will be its 12th year win national championship in program history (for the first time since 1995)

These are Johnny Juzang and Jaime Jaquez JrJust to be clear, UCLA’s dynamic duo averaged 50 points in the inaugural win over Michigan State and has a combined average of 358 points in that tournament. To beat Gonzaga, Juzang and Jaquez will likely need their inner Max Abmas and Kevin Obanor for Channeling something more in the 55 to 60 range Jaquez was a ghost in the Elite Eight game against Michigan, but he can set the nets on fire on occasion

Keeping Alabama at 65 points in regulation and then completely stagnating Michigan’s offense at just 49 points was a sensational job by the UCLA defense, The Bruins didn’t usually flourish at this end of the court this season, but they did vote the perfect time to find out. If you can continue to force missed three-point points (opponents are 23 out of 93) and comfortably win the sales battle, you can beat anyone

Alabama and Michigan shot a combined 17-of-36 (47) 2 percent) off the free-throw line against UCLA, which was simply absurdly good luck for the Bruins in two wire-cracking games, Four of Gonzagas five starters shoot better than 76 percent from the free throw line, and the only exception to this rule (Drew Timme) is to shoot 84 so far 0 percent in the tournament, it seems impossible to find the right people to smear this squad, but also those UCLA’s trip to this point

Each of these Texas-based alumni of the Southwest Conference wants to beat you with three pointers, offensive rebounds, and physical, throbbing defense

Houston is better at blocking shots and has the much better percentage of defensive field goals, but keep in mind that the grain of salt the Cougars faced had a much less impressive schedule, Houston relies more on three-pointers , while Baylor makes them much more frequently (in a similar situation at Sweet 16, the more efficient, less dependent UCLA ended up with three more triples than Alabama)

We assume that no team will be able to take a significant advantage on rebounds or sales and that it just comes down to which squad is better at making the buckets, and if that’s the case, Baylor should be something convincing win, albeit on a rather low score


Had that game been on the calendar three weeks ago, everyone under the sun would have picked Gonzaga to win by 15 points, if not more. But after five straight wins, you can’t help but take the trick “Well , maybe “with the Bruins

UCLA joins LSU in 1986, George Mason in 2006, VCU in 2011 and Loyola-Chicago in 2018 on the list of 11 to get that far All four of these teams lost, and the only one that didn’t lose double digits was VCU These Rams lost at eight to Nr Butler with 8 seeds And I don’t think we’re posting any news here by letting you know this year’s Gonzaga team is better than the Butler team

Crazy respect to UCLA for coming this far In my bracket, the Bruins had Abilene Christian (genius!) defeated before they lost to Connecticut on the Sweet 16 (whoops!) Even when we hit the Sweet 16, I never thought the Bruins could come through both Alabama and Michigan in the past week

This will be the end of the line, however, Gonzaga is just too dominant on offense to lose to a team that hasn’t reached 80 regular points in this tournament

Just one more round until we finally get the game we’ve been waiting for months.Of course, nothing is guaranteed at this tournament. Although we’d strongly advise Baylor and Gonzaga not to look at this game, we’ll take a quick look throw at it

Baylor is not going to win this game on defense, the bears are going to get some steals because Gonzaga occasionally gets a little sloppy while trying to pick up the pace, however, the non-revenue Gonzaga holdings very often lead to buckets Baylor just doesn’t have a great central defense, also because his starting power forward (Mark Vital) is 6’5 “

But Baylor could win this game with insult As mentioned, the bears lead the nation in three percentage points while the Zags lead the nation in two percentage points. Last time I checked, three is worth two

It’ll take at least a dozen triples to make things interesting, but Baylor can actually have four games with at least 15 three-point points this season, get into one of those grooves and anything is possible

With the way Jared Butler and Davion Mitchell have shot in the tournament so far (not great), I have to join the Zags to end the first undefeated season in the men’s college hoops since the U.S Bicentennial

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