It’s opening night which is the official debut of the Kevin Durant-Kyrie Irving pairing and a ring ceremony for LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers

The NB.EIN is back (so soon!) With a double header on opening night that features some of the league’s biggest names: LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry and Kawhi Leonard

For Durant, it’s a highly anticipated regular season debut with the Nets alongside Kyrie Irving, and it’s a reunion as the Nets take on his former team, the Golden State Warriors and his former teammate in Curry

It’s ring night for James: his Los Angeles Lakers will hold the official ceremony for the championship they won a little over 10 weeks ago. Then they’ll face Leonard and the Clippers in the second game of the night

It’s just a game But Andrew Wiggins, now having to fill part of the void left by Klay Thompson’s absence, had a difficult start to the game, starting 1-8 and missing several wide open jumpers

On the flip side, Caris LeVert thrives early on in his role as the sixth man for the nets, with 12 points on 7 shots plus 3 rebounds and an assist that throws a spark off the bench while Durant and Irving play a spell LeVert’s ability to keep the offensive afloat while the Nets star duo rests will be vital as the season progresses

Side note: TNT’s audio seems out of sync with the video I just heard the clang of a missed jumper seconds after the ball hit the edge of the screen Look, it’s not just the players getting in shape

The Nets took the 40:19 lead in the first quarter while the Warriors got out of hand on offense before the Nets finished the opening frame at 40:25. Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving were dominant, scoring 27 points at 10th -of-15-Shoot Together Joe Harris also scored 6 points and hit a pair of threes. Kelly Oubre, a newcomer to Warriors, had an edge rattle dunk and Stephen Curry had 9 points on 3-of-7 to the Warriors kept afloat, but Golden State struggled to generate high quality offensive possessions as a whole

It’s a beautiful sight Kevin Durant has hit 4 of his first 5 shots. What’s impressive is that all four of his brands were different. One was a runner, another a 3-pointer, a pull-up jumper that also took him to Line sent, and eventually a baseline dunk, scored 8 points in the first three minutes of the game, an impressive start so far, taking the Nets to an early double-digit lead at 18-8, Kyrie Irving has hit 2 out of 3 for 5 so far / p>

Klay Thompson, the guardian of the Golden State Warriors who will miss this entire season, said on Instagram shortly before the game on Tuesday night: “It hurts me every day to know I can’t chase a chip””

Thompson, a five-time All Star, missed the entire campaign last year after tearing his anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee in the 2019 Final in November while preparing to return for this season, Thompson tore his right achilles tendon, one of the most devastating injuries to a basketball player.He had surgery and disfellowshipped for his second straight season

“I don’t want to write this,” Thompson wrote on Tuesday. “My soul is in Brooklyn, taking a nap before the game. Unfortunately, the reality is a little different”

He added, “There’s a big hole in my soul when I can’t do what I love and play against the best players in the world. But I plan to play long and will keep doing it every day working to get back on the field and help my team bring more championships to the bay ”

Opening night isn’t just a long-awaited return to court for Kevin Durant.His teammate Stephen Curry, who has won two championships with Durant, will also play Curry, two-time Most Valuable Player Award winner, missed 60 games last season because of a broken left hand

Curry and Durant compete against each other for the first time since 2016.After that season, Durant shocked the basketball world by joining Curry in Golden State and forming one of the most talented partnerships in league history

“They are always in awe of things he can do on the floor,” Curry told reporters this week, adding, “That was a big part of our success: feeding each other, that energy and that pursuit.” Size Every Day When you saw it up close, you had no choice but to hit it every day ”

For his part, Durant does not outwardly put any additional shares in the Tuesday night game, even though it is against his former team

“Playing against old teammates has never really driven me crazy,” Durant told reporters this week. “I’ve always felt like I was at this level, no matter who’s on the ground. I think every game is important to me ”

Before his first regular season game as NB.A head coach Steve Nash told reporters that Kevin Durant “looks exactly the same as he did before the injury, but he also needs a little air to get used to basketball”

“The only thing I can say is that he has done everything and is absolutely in the ultimate position to come back from this injury,” said Nash of Durant, who had his right Achilles tendon in 2019 has ripped B.A final that paused him for the entire last season

Nash continued, “But I think we need to give Kevin time to play NB as wellONE games and don’t get carried away ”

Nash also said there would be no minute limits for Nets players and that he was hoping to play 10 players against the Golden State Warriors on the starting line-up of Durant, Kyrie Irving, DeAndre Jordan, Spencer Dinwiddie and Joe Harris, the Nash used in the preseason is used on the opening night making Caris LeVert the sixth man on the team

As for his coaching debut – Nash’s first direct involvement with an NB.ONE game since he retired as a player in 2015 – Nash said this game day had a “different rhythm, but similar nerves and fears” than when he was a player

“I was always a little nervous until I actually got out in the pre-game warm-ups. I’m feeling that a little tonight and that’s probably a good thing,” said Nash

I long for the grandeur of Steph Curry, the growl of Draymond Green, the beautiful basketball, the sheer domination I’m afraid we may never see it again – at least not at the level we once had

Klay Thompson’s torn Achilles tendon likely spells a second consecutive lost season, and possibly a fatal blow to the warriors’ hopes for resuscitation, and this is where I get really wistful

I don’t miss the Warriors like a fan (despite my San Jose roots) It’s not just that I’ll miss writing about their roundball art (though that’s certainly true, too) It’s more personal / p>

The Warriors offered their fans endless basketball bliss – a montage of deep 3s and shimmies and loud parades. They offered others a measure of selfless play and joyous domination. They defined an era and redefined the formula for building a super team. p>

But they gave me something much more precious: a couple of hours with my father I just didn’t know back then

In some ways, Kawhi Leonard seems to have joined the Clippers a million years ago, in fact, it wasn’t until the summer of 2019 that the Clippers signed Leonard and traded it for Paul George, a major one-two that reshaped the franchise. p>

But some of the behind-the-scenes intrigue of that momentous summer resurfaced recently when Johnny Wilkes, a man who claims to be a confidante of the Leonard family, accused Jerry West, one of the team’s executives, of his promise for failing to pay him for bringing Leonard to the Clippers

After Wilkes, who played high school basketball with Leonard’s uncle Dennis Robertson, filed a lawsuit, the NB.EIN opened an investigation The Clippers have denied any wrongdoing, calling Wilkes’ allegations “unfounded,” and Leonard told reporters that Wilkes had nothing to do with his decision to sign with the Clippers

Leonard was never considered among the NBA’s most charismatic stars, but his brief tenure with the Clippers has produced no shortage of drama Also trickling into the background: his contractual streak suggested Leonard this week to turn down his player option for the next season, which means he would become a free agent p>

In the meantime, everything is copaketisch in Lakerland: LeBron James and Anthony Davis both agreed on new long-term contracts in the off-season

Warriors, warriors against nets

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