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While Monster Hunter World was a huge hit, becoming one of Capcom’s best-selling games in history, and exposing far more people to a series that was previously only really popular in Japan, it came with a costly move to modern console hardware meant Monster Hunter looked better and played better than ever, but also left the series’ wearable roots behind

Even in Japan, Monster Hunter only really got its way when it came to the PSP, and people have gathered in person to take down monsters together.It might not look like it given its long, drawn out combat system, but Monster Hunter is a perfect one portable game while listening to podcasts there is a short path to just looping and then getting to grips with the big challenges when you are with friends or dedicating your attention to a high-level online quest

If that triggers an inevitable response to “This should be on the switch”, here’s Monster Hunter Rise, which is a brand new entry in the series that carries much of what World has made more accessible to even more flexible hardware, and very soon you can try it out for yourself with a demo that is due to go live sometime today in the Nintendo eShop

Capcom made an early version of the demo available to me, and I’ve been pretty impressed so far. The demo includes two quests and a couple of training phases, which is nowhere near enough to get an idea of ​​the scope or progress of the game, but the basics seem very solid

The biggest question I had was how much technical compromise Rise would bring over World, given the Switch’s hardware limitations compared to PS4 and Xbox One, of course, I was expecting Rise to be somewhere between World and Generations Ultimate is, a Switched version of a 3DS game, and from what I saw in the demo, the graphics are much closer to the world, while the complexity of the level is more like the older games

Rise is raising the UI and Art Direction of World in wholesale, with characters and monsters looking reasonably comparable in quality at least on the screen of my Switch Lite The resolution is clear and the frame rate is good enough The environment in the demo is however, much simpler and visually less impressive than anything else in the world, although it still looks a lot better than Generations Ultimate, there are also no loading screens between the numbered sub-areas, which is a huge improvement on the pre-world entries in the Monster Hunter series leads

Otherwise, Rise appears to play pretty much like World, with the required new features included with every Monster Hunter release. There’s a new tool called Wirebug, which is a more advanced version of the Clutch Claw from the Iceborne worldwide expansion You can ride a canine companion across the levels or even command ignorant monsters that wander into your arena and turn them against your ultimate goal

I look forward to seeing Monster Hunter Rise before its release on Jan. Full review on March 25th as early signs look promising The Switch is the ideal platform for Monster Hunter in many ways, and Capcom seems to be doing everything it can to make Rise a top notch title rather than a compromised port for anyone who’s on been waiting for a new handheld monster hunter, the news is looking good

Monster Hunter Rise, Monster Hunter Rise Demo

World News – USA – Monster Hunter Rise looks like a strong Switch successor to World

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