The former Vice President returns to his roots on the radio This time with a slightly larger Name ID

Former Vice President Mike Pence has announced that he will be releasing a podcast in the coming months | J Scott Applewhite-Pool / Getty Images

Mike Pence is returning to his radio roots after a 22 year hiatus from radio waves

The former vice president will be launching a podcast in the coming months, hosted by the Young America’s Foundation, a conservative youth organization from the 1960s, Pence will join the group as the first Ronald Reagan presidential scholar to join YAF and is expected to become a regular member of the campus lecture group as soon as it is safe to resume those events that were stopped by the Covid-19 pandemic

“Throughout his career as a respected service provider to our country, Vice President Pence has been a steadfast advocate of individual freedom, traditional values, free markets and limited government,” said former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who earlier this year the Virginia-based organization took over “By partnering with YAF, the Vice President will continue to gain new hearts and minds for the Conservative cause”

His “energy and enthusiasm for Ronald Reagan’s values ​​has and will inspire a new generation of young people,” added Walker in a statement

Pence resigned from office last month amid a strained relationship with former President Donald Trump after confirming Joe Biden’s Senate election and January 6 riots at the U.S. Capitol’s recent appearance is an attempt to ease his transition to the upper echelons of the Conservative movement – a development that will result if his former Florida boss remains withdrawn from his Mar-a-Lago estate and awaits a second impeachment trial in the Senate is waiting

On Thursday, Pence announced that he would join the Heritage Foundation, another conservative institution, as a distinguished visiting scholar focused on public policy

Hosting a podcast isn’t a whole new venture for 61-year-old Pence. As a former governor of Indiana, he spent a decade prior to his election to Congress in 2000 as a prominent conservative radio personality in the Midwest – a profession with which He then launched his political career. His YAF-sponsored show, which is aimed at a younger audience than the audience he drew on “The Mike Pence Show” years ago, resembles an agreement the conservative youth group had with Reagan, the then California Governor, who met at YAF, sponsored his daily radio commentary in the mid-1970s

“The vice president will certainly focus on the Conservative achievements of the past four years and project those achievements and teachings,” said a spokesman for Pence

Pence is also set to consider a potential bookstore and plans to set up a new fundraising committee to serve as the main channel for Republican donors to weigh in on GOP House and Senate candidates in the 2022 and 2022 midterm elections a future own presidential offer in 2024 from

The former Vice President, who recently returned to the Caribbean island of Saint Croix from a vacation after the White House, currently lives in the Washington suburbs and plans to maintain a presence in both countries D. and its home state of Indiana is moving forward

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