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There was a lot to digest in a wild game that saw Michigan fight to the end for victory. Here are key takeaways from Michigan’s 48:42 win over Rutgers

Joe Milton seems like a great guy, but he just doesn’t make it at the quarterback for Michigan right now. After fighting for the past few weeks, the trend continued in the first half against Rutgers Milton completed 5 of 12 passes for 89 yards and also took some sacks, given the offensive line battle in Michigan and the decision to run empty formations, it was important for Milton to see the field well in advance and diagnose where the lightning would be coming, however, Milton did not see the field well and made questionable throws and didn’t play at the speed necessary to keep the chains moving The offense looked like it didn’t score very high at all during the night Cade McNamara walked in and changed it while it would be unfair, Milton’s Write off advancement and improvement in the future, but it is clear that it will take more weeks and months for him to develop

He did it Yes it was against Rutgers, but McNamara did almost anything a quarterback was supposed to do. With Michigan 17-0 down in 2 In the 3rd quarter, McNamara announced his presence for a second straight McNamara led Michigan to a goal chase that culminated with a 46-yard TD throw against Cornelius Johnson The game went insane from then on, but McNamara retained control of Michigan’s offense McNamara showed the ability to put the offense in the right situations and target the wideouts in the right places at a fast pace.He showed aggression at key moments, he didn’t hesitate when he saw an open window to throw at His performance didn’t have many Cons He took risks when needed but was pretty safe with football overall McNamara went 27-of-36 for 260 yards and a quick score. It seemed that McNamara has the ability to read a defense and know their tendencies (from sample size up to this point) He handled lightning well, he looked like a starting quarterback McNamara will be the starter, the U- M gives the best chance of cohesion

Kicker Quinn Nordin missed three field goals. The first was aimed at him, the second was a high and doomed shot, and the third could have cost Michigan nine points in overtime, which Michigan would have were taken off the board and put them in a terrible position in overtime, but luckily Rutgers also missed her field goal to extend the game

First off, congratulations to the unit who ended the game in overtime after Dax Hill intercepted the fourth interception. Apart from the clinch, the defense kept Rutgers in play as McNamara and the offensive did their best to defeat Closing Door The way Rutgers was able to put his last minute ride together to score a touchdown and make a successful 2 point conversion was disappointing Michigan had them, the game was won, and the defense left Rutgers back before finally closing the door in Triple OT. Secondary school continues to play balls wrong, the unit is not generating enough pass rush overall, she gets fooled on trick games, and too often gets dislocated from having a fight in the unit seen they were tired late in the game but the 42 points allowed are far from an acceptable number Michigan has the most points in the Big Te n Abandoned If Kwity Paye is out and Cam McGrone leaves the game, the unit is not at full strength but must instinctively start playing instead of (A.) hesitate or (B.) overflow

Hassan Haskins is Michigan’s best runner right now, playing with a good balance of speed, agility, and physicality.Some of Haskin’s runs were the most physical we’ve seen in the Harbaugh era, and Haskins’ production was vital on the track , and his steady gains extended the drives in Michigan and resulted in points. Haskins rushed for 109 yards and 1 TD and Michigan could not have won this game without him. While Evans, Charbonnet and Corum should all be used, Haskins seems to be in the crunch time to go down

Greg Schiano is a good head coach, and Rutgers struggles You could see the game meant a lot to the program and they ran offensively with a high clip and swung on the defensive before McNamara succeeded and Michigan started producing on-site This isn’t the same Rutgers lately, they’ll be a more prepared and talented team under Schiano The following stat shows the progress they have made offensively this season

Rutgers scored 20 or more points in all five Big Ten games this season Over the last four seasons Rutgers scored 20 or more points in five of 36 games That’s not a moral victory, that’s a dramatic statistical improvement https: // tco / 0B3Eaq3zGb

Wins are nice Michigan usually blows Rutgers out, they did the opposite this time but still got a W when things looked bleak in the first half Michigan is now 2-3 with a chance of reaching 500 next week and send Penn State to 0-6 While the team and program continue to be criticized for the performance of the defensive and kicking unit, on the offensive side of the ball there is optimism Michigan had the best performance from QB and RB this season The offense earned a lot of points The production against Rutgers can’t be overdone or overwritten, but a win is a win and there’s still a chance to start the final game against Ohio State with a 4-3 record The Defense and Kick Team has a lot of problems to solve, but if the Michigan offensive can keep gaining momentum they can at least keep the team in the games – just beat Penn State and go from there

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