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There’s a new kid on the social media block making big waves It’s less than a year old but is already valued at $ 1 billion and has venture capitalists eager to invest

The newcomer is Clubhouse, a social platform that revolves around drop-in audio chat With short-lived voice conversations in real time that every user can hear and no one can record, the app has gathered a legion of top-class fans and around two million users by invitation only

The coronavirus pandemic may have created the ideal conditions for the clubhouse to thrive: hordes of people isolated by lockdowns or security concerns and desperate for social connection, text-based social media is fine, but language is a natural alternative / p>

After a recent cash injection, Clubhouse is planning an expansion Here’s what all the fuss is about

Users can follow other users or topics of interest and join thematic “clubs” You will then have access to a selection of chat rooms that focus on a variety of topics, many of which are highly zeitgeist

Rooms come in all sizes. Some have few people conversing informally. Others could have hundreds or even thousands of people listening to a group of experts, perhaps a politician, celebrity, or business leader

The others in the room are visible and you can view their profiles with a list of the people they are following. The clubhouse algorithm takes all of this into account when selecting content

When you have something to say, raise your hand and the room owner can give you speaking permissions – you can even say hello to a speaker by quickly clicking the mute / mute button

All of this only happens in audio. At best, it’s like listening to a fascinating conversation – with the ability to join in if you want to add something

Many early users raved about how much they like it. One reason Clubhouse is proving so popular is because audio can feel much more intimate and “live” than text-based social media people speak and often prefer to hear than to use a keyboard

In its short life, Clubhouse has received an enviable social seal of approval. Currently, the only way to access the app is to be invited by an existing user

Because of its initial popularity with Silicon Valley investors, Clubhouse has attracted an impressive number of public figures including Oprah Winfrey, Elon Musk, and Drake You can also find experts with in-depth expertise, politicians with guidelines advocating something and celebrities talking about their latest projects

Well-known users like this have been a major draw, and the relative scarcity of invitations has contributed to a sense of exclusivity

The rooms in the clubhouse are temporary. When the meeting is over, the room disappears and any discussion is over forever. And it is not possible to record the discussion

The temporary nature of the spaces can help stop the formation of “social media echo chambers” where people are only exposed to those they are already okay with

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For membership by invitation only, there are at least two ways to register for the time being. The first is at the personal invitation of a friend who is already a member

Otherwise, you can download the app and reserve a username to put yourself on the waiting list. If you do, everyone you know who is already a member may be notified In this case, you may be admitted

Clubhouse is currently only available on Apple devices. The company has announced its intention to bring out a version of Android in the near future

The social media novice recently closed a new round of funding on the order of $ 100 million with plans to open up to the public and allow content creators to be paid for in the future

The company is considering three ways to generate income: tips, ticket sales, and subscriptions.How all of this will come together has yet to be decided.Your current user base of around 2 million is expected to grow exponentially (for comparison, Facebook is approaching 3 billion users and even Twitter has more than 300 million)

The history of innovation has been shaped by people making random connections Unplanned meetings of the right person at the right time Such connections cannot be made on demand, but you can create the right conditions for them to happen spontaneously. p>

You may not transcribe, record, or otherwise reproduce and / or distribute any information obtained at the clubhouse without prior authorization

This encourages spontaneity and relaxed, cuff-free chats – but critics say this also creates space for misogyny and racism. As the clubhouse network grows, it will face challenges in terms of transparency and content moderation, such as those on Facebook and YouTube occur

Voice-based networks such as Clubhouse and the new Spaces feature from Twitter are well suited to create the right conditions for random connections – for better or worse

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