Matt James’ historic season of The Bachelor is officially here! Six months after Matt was announced as the first Black Bachelor, his season premiered on ABC – and ET blogged live on the go

Thirty-two women met Matt, a New York City-based commercial real estate agent and bachelor’s franchise freshman, at the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in Pennsylvania’s franchise, after The Bachelorette (which was filmed in Palm Springs), the franchise turned things upside down, but still maintains a quarantine bubble amid the coronavirus pandemic

Though Matt, who was originally announced as a candidate for Clare Crawley’s Bachelorette season, is a fresh face to the fans, host Chris Harrison told ET that it won’t be long getting to know him

“You all see a certain side of him on social media. There’s so much more,” he said, “You see the 5% of the iceberg. There’s so much depth, there are so many layers in this man that you are get to know, good and bad “

That was definitely true. During the premiere, Matt drew attention to the pressure of being the first black bachelor and showed how much his faith means to him.He also met some incredible women – and had a good sense of humor about the most unique ones Limousine exits

Scroll down for up-to-the-minute updates on everything that’s shabby – queens, first impression roses, vibrators, and everything

Matt’s journey has officially started and it looks AMAZING. Chris promised a quick look and he delivered

There’s more shirtless Matt, horses, kisses, steamy makeup sessions, women we’ve never seen before, women who call Matt “Daddy,” Matt finding the qualities he wants in a woman , Conversations about races, steamier makeup sessions, hot air balloons

We’re not done yet There’s a look at the newcomers Queen Victoria calls “Random-a ** Hoes”, alleged escort, fake orgasm and HEATHER MARTIN who “could destroy this whole thing for Matt”

Heather is crying, wants to try Serena C calls Katie an “arsonist”, women beat each other, an ambulance is called, women cry, women break off, Matt breaks off

Not finished Matt “takes some time”, sobs Matt. Now Matt walks through the picturesque landscape. He cries shirtless He goes to the suggestion page He looks at a “beautiful diamond” and then puts it in his jacket

The women say goodbye and one of them doesn’t even look Matt in the eye on the way out we get it, it sucks

“The hardest part is knowing that Matt didn’t meet me,” says the ballerina Oh my god, it’s morning

Is anyone else forgetting that Night One is literally THE ENTIRE NIGHT? Shocked us every time

Katie gets a rose because she REALLY deserves it after she and her vibrator made our year More A woman gets roses, and so does Queen Victoria

Matt continues to distribute the roses and we continue to vote in favor of his decisions THAT ARE QUALITY WOMEN, PEOPLE!

Serena C Worry she won’t get a rose after all of these COVID tests, but we wish she wouldn’t doubt herself We saw her on the promos so we know she will stay here

Our girl Bri gets the first rose and she deserves it Great dress, great convo kill it girl

Chelsea gets a rose and Matt is uncomfortable making eye contact with women who he doesn’t give roses to either. CLOSE YOUR EYES, MAT!

“I have to speak to Matt twice so I will definitely stand out as someone he will remember. The Queen is sure to get a rose tonight,” Victoria tells the camera

Matt goes in search of the First Impression Rose, and it is so uncomfortable to see the women realize they are not

He returns to Abigail and praises her for her vulnerability “You were all I ask of these women tonight. Knowing that you are a fighter, I found it only appropriate that I should ask you something Abigail, would you accept this rose? “asks Matt

“The fact that he sees potential in me makes me very excited,” she enthuses into the camera

We’re confused, but Matt actually remembered that he asks Abigail if her sister was deaf and she talks about following in her sister’s footsteps

“To be honest, when I heard your name I went blank,” admits Matt, telling Abigail it was lost in her eyes “I’m glad you are here”

“Well, I’m glad you’re the bachelor”, she replies AND YOU KISS THAT’S FIRST KISS! Well, second after Matt’s Lady and the tramp moment

Matt sits down with Bri and they talk about various love stories and how they didn’t see this growing up

Bri’s mother is Persian and her father is Black “They were separated before I was born My mother was single all her life and devoted her whole life to raising me I never saw an example of what that love was like “she explains

Victoria tells a woman who does marketing to “market herself to Matt,” and we have Corinne flashbacks

She calls the ladies idiots, and while we agree they should take a step, this is not a good look

Chris gives the first impression Rose and the mood changes The women sit on the edge of their seats and Victoria approaches Matt for the second time

“I made this bracelet for you,” she says, handing Matt a pearl bracelet. Why? What? Where does it come from? Is that coincidental?

Matt picks up some sweet tea, watches Chelsea’s Model Walk, and raves about the strong, confident women he met tonight

He sits down with Kit, who gives him a snowglobe from NYC, where it came from and he is now alive. Then, apparently two minutes into the conversation, Queen Victoria arrives

Kit is pissed off and storms off. Victoria and Matt don’t seem to connect as she spent four minutes explaining the term “drinking through a fire hose”

But now we’re back to Kit, telling the other women the same joke about being “King, President, CEO” “

Victoria joins Kit’s group and tries to encourage a woman who hasn’t spoken to Matt to hang out with him

“If I want to get up, I get up,” she replies 1 Who is this woman? 2 We get Victoria annoying, but why should you come on this show too and not try to talk to Matt? 3 Victoria debates stealing more time with Matt We can’t

“We started talking intensely, and then I was patted on the shoulder by a vibrator,” Mari tells the other women

Katie whips around that vibrator while she speaks and it’s SO FUNNY she is interrupted by MJ “No 1” (the human), and Katie overhears Mari complain about “being pounded by a dildo”

“It was never on my bucket list to pound a pageant queen on the shoulder with a dildo,” Katie tells the camera, but she’s not mad at it

“Mari would definitely benefit from my vibrator, and if she’s my roommate I’ll definitely let her borrow it,” Katie adds

Matt plays chess with Serena and while he says he was on the chess team we’re not sure if he actually knows how to play chess

The other women agree that Matt isn’t just a snack – he’s a fucking meal The pressure rises as the ladies try to hang out with Matt

Mari gives Matt a boarding pass in Matt’s heart, which also contains information about Puerto Rico, where she is from, she talks about her family’s needs and then oh no oh no oh no

Katie is here to interrupt the conversation and she is touching Maria on the shoulder with her vibrator

The women rave about Matt’s prayer – they think it’s real, and some of them are actually quite emotional

He makes his way to speak to the first women to praise his sincerity. “I feel a lot of responsibility But I feel that my experience is not everyone’s,” he tells a candidate who has him asks if he’s the first black bachelor

Matt says the camera race will be a frequent topic of conversation since it’s part of his life. He continues to impress the ladies, including Rachael, # 2 from the limo

“I just loved that you had never been through this before,” she tells him. “I thought this was very special. The fact that you opened up with a prayer We are on the same page”

Rachael says it’s hard for her to be vulnerable, but she will try to protect Matt, we feel this relationship goes a long way

“Rachael, she’s gorgeous, she’s articulate, she’s sexy, and she’s open and vulnerable. She blew my mind,” Matt tells the camera

“I’ve been thinking about what I’m going to say to all of you for so long and I’m going to take a different approach,” Matt tells the women before asking them to bow their heads and deliver a prayer in which several Women tear up

We did NOT expect this, but power for you, Matt. He sighs in relief. “What you will learn about me is that whenever I am nervous, I calm down,” he explains

Matt tells women to be vulnerable – and then gets distracted by the vibrator

“Sorry, I saw the vibrator and lost my train of thought,” he admits, “Right after the prayer!”

Chris tells Matt a little about what’s in store for him – just enough to get him inside

“This feels unreal, and now I’m starting to feel the pressure. The pressure to impress them all and I’m beyond nervous,” he admits

Victoria is a queen in her mind? Maybe but on this show too. After being carried in by several poor PAs, she stumbles down the stairs. Did we laugh? Yes do we regret it? No

“I thought there would be competition for sure, but you can be the queen of your little thing, but no I’m President, King, CEO,” Kit tells the camera

There are a few more crazy entrances before a woman asks to put her eggs in Matt’s mouth with her meatballs

Then there is Kit, a “fashion entrepreneur” whose job title used to be “social” “Look, she arrives in style and says she enjoys ordering her own car

“I love to be the center of attention and I think I set the gold standard with the Bentley,” she tells the camera

Next up is MJ who has amazing hair. She arrives in a pizza delivery van and it’s adorable – even if the door doesn’t open. We love her dress work too, girls!

“This pandemic was really difficult for me and got me through a lot. I was hoping to give you the torch,” says Katie, pulling out her vibrator. Matt immediately starts laughing

Katie takes the vibrator back because the fantasy suites are a little way away and goes inside

The ladies LOSE IT! “It’s very beautiful and sparkling. It’s dressed for the occasion tonight,” Katie tells the camera

She calls the vibrator MJ (which is unhappy for MJ, the woman who just walked in)

Next up is Abigail, who tells Matt that she will read his lips since she is numb, but that’s fine because Matt has beautiful lips

More warm and sincere arrivals follow, and Matt says he’s the happiest man alive Yes, you are serious WE LOVE THIS GALS! Can we join your group chat? Can we reach for mimosa after quarantine?

If Kaili is nervous, we can’t tell girl struts around asking Matt what dress to wear

Getting weird Saneh tells Matt he’s the “greatest ever” and then shows him her goat feet (yes, she wears goat feet) and she hopes he thinks she is the “goat” “

Another woman, Lady and the Tramps Matt, with a spaghetti kiss on the carpet, and then there is Kaili who comes in her underwear

OK, not weird, but different. We get Khaylah pulling up in a pickup truck. She’s from North Carolina too, just like Matt, and he loves that

“Whenever you find common ground with someone, feel good,” says Matt. He begins to relax

Then comes Serena, a flight attendant, and she trips. She plays it off, it’s cute and Matt laughs Oh, there’s another Serena and she’s got a step stool because Matt is so tall. Cute again

Madness Hasn’t Come Yet We get Magi telling Matt that she came all the way from Ethiopia to meet him and he’s impressed (didn’t she come here 10 years ago?)

Then Sarah comes out. She tells Matt that she is going to be homesick, but says, “One day, hopefully I’ll feel at home.” Glatt

Chelsea is next and she is stunning too. She wears a chic dress but also looks incredibly classy and yes, we agree with Matt: “She wears this dress!”

The first thing to come out of the limo is a woman named Bri wearing a stunning green dress. Great color, love it

“I’ve heard so much about you and everyone speaks so highly of you,” she says, telling Matt that she is here to meet him. Cute and easy, nailed!

Next up is Rachael, who also wears green “I’m in trouble!” she says as she leaves the limo “You’re the reason I’m here and I love that we can do the whole thing together,” she says to Matt, “I’ll see you inside”

OK, NOW Matt is finally ready to meet the women. “I’m just going to try to be myself and hopefully this works out for me,” he says

Chris tells Matt he could meet his wife in the next 20 minutes (but please don’t say because we don’t have a backup bachelor’s degree this season)

Next, Matt increases the pressure to be the first black bachelor “I don’t want to piss off blacks, I don’t want to piss off whites, but I am both!” he says

He’s alluding to the pressures of being with a woman of a certain race, and Chris encourages him to be himself This is his journey

Then Matt admits that he was never in love. His mother’s relationship with his father influenced his relationship with women. He withdraws when he becomes vulnerable to avoid heartbreak “Part of that process will be my guard let go, “he says

Chris can sense Matt is nervous “If you get out of here and see this red carpet everything will change,” he says. He wants Chris’ advice on what to expect

He says Matt will meet the woman of his dreams, get engaged, etc. — EASY! “There will be times when you will want to suffocate me,” says Chris WHAT? okay

Chris promises sparks will fly as soon as the women get out of the limo, and is it because the vibrator is not working properly?

Anyway, Matt has arrived, reminding Chris that he’s never been to the Bachelorette or any other Bachelor franchise that is all new to him

Chris points to the approaching limo, but Matt isn’t ready. “I’d like to ask you a few things,” he says, before Chris agrees and leads him inside

“Tonight is the night!” Exclaims Matt as we get another shirtless shot. He’s getting ready, there’s a reason for that, OK?!?!

He doesn’t know how to put into words what is going to happen, but he gives his driver a polite “thank you”

on the way to the castle

There is a woman named Sarah who was a broadcast journalist and now takes care of her father who has ALS

Now we’re done learning backstories and seeing the women prepare for the first night Yeah put it on !!!

Chris is back to remind us that they got an “overwhelming response” on Matt as a bachelor time to meet the ladies!

Thank goodness this quarantine segment is shorter than Clare’s season We don’t need masks or coronavirus tests Let’s jump straight to love !!

There is a ballerina who loves children, a woman named Abigail who was born deaf but is learning how to talk about it, an attorney for her A-Game, an Ethiopian pharmacist, and a woman who loves caffeine

Matt’s mom encourages him to give it a try and tells him she’s ready for him to meet his “only one” “Yaaa’s sister, send him on this trip!

Now it’s time for Matt to prepare for the big night – so he’s doing it shirtless. “I have so much hope in this process because I’ve seen how it works,” Matt tells the camera, despite him hasn’t seen this show We suspect Tyler Cameron, who falls in love with Hannah Brown, counts as “see it work”?

Matt delves a little into his backstory, talking about being the son of a black father and white mother.His parents separated when he was young so he had no model of marriage to look up to could

“My mom did a great job, but growing up in a single family home I feel like I missed what it takes to be in a good relationship,” he tells the camera / p>

Enter Matt James’ mom, who rocks the animal print and comes straight to the tough questions.She asks when Matt was last vulnerable and makes him admit he’s scared of breaking his heart. p>

“Why did you decide that maybe you don’t have to have everything in place?” She asked

Chris Harrison appears at the STUNNING Bachelor Mansion for the season – Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, Pennsylvania He throws a small package to introduce our Bachelor because we have no idea who he is

We’re still trying to forget about the vibrator, but this scene is starting to do the trick

The premiere is here! And that’s a cold open? Did we start halfway? What’s happening?

Matt meets a woman named Katie who tells him what the quarantine brought her and pulls out a VIBRATOR. Matt bursts into laughter and NOW the episode has started

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