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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition will adhere to a faithful retelling of the game’s story and the DLC already created, with no new narrative elements on the way during a briefing, and during a briefing, Project Leader Mac Walters spoke about the expanded trilogy and said while the team considered In the end, BioWare decided against adding new content. “Honestly, we had looked at it, are there things to cut room floors and things we could bring in?” Walters said, “And often that’s not really in a state to be easily revived and used in. It would actually require rebuilding from scratch, and at that point, you take the effort away from remastering everything else”

So is hoping the game will include more weird romance options “We’re not changing the story or the way the characters or the plot points worked out,” Walters told The Verge in a separate interview Earlier this month, TheGamer reported that Mass Effect 2 crewmate Jack was originally conceived as pansexual. Brian Kindregan, author of Mass Effect 2, told the outlet, “The short version says many of us were asked to do the pretty late Focusing Relationships On A More Traditional Kind Of Vector On Twitter, former BioWare animator Jonathan Cooper said another crewmate, Jacob, was once supposed to be romantic for same-sex characters as well

When asked about the allegedly broken relationships, Walters said: “Nobody ever said we couldn’t do it””

“Honestly, the writing team in general and all of the creators have a lot of freedom to pursue their vision – obviously we compromise,” he told The Verge. “You work together to make a great character or story moment or something like that, and there is compromise. “Regarding media scrutiny by outlets like Fox News, Walters said that” probably would have made us do other things “on the show” Nobody ever came to see me said we can’t do this because the media says so, “Walters said” Never “

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

World News – USA – Mass Effect: Legendary Edition doesn’t add any new content – or more gay romances

Source: https://www.theverge.com/2021/2/2/22256391/mass-effect-legendary-edition-content-story-dlc-jack-jacob