Mass Effect Legendary Edition is a major overhaul of Commander Shepard’s interstellar exploits in three legendary games, the first of which hit store shelves in November 2007 at the time was George W. Bush was firmly anchored in the White House, Fergie was still relevant, and same-sex marriages would not be legalized nationwide in the US for eight years. Mass Effect 2 came out in 2010 and 3 hit just two years later

Shortly after the first Mass Effect started, Fox News aired a segment called “Sexbox?” Here, the hosts discussed wide-eyed the immorality of the title’s sex scenes The Talking Heads falsely claimed that the game was full of digital nudity, and they were appalled at the inclusion of a non-linear romance option involving players Liara T’Soni, a Alien of one gender who could seduce

This Fox News bit permanently changed the trajectory of Mass Effect lore According to Brian Kindregan, author of Mass Effect 2, the sequel should feature at least one pansexual character, Jack, including the ability to play her as either seducing male or female Shepard This element was scrapped late in the development of Mass Effect 2 in direct response to criticism from Fox News, Kindregan told TheGamer in January 2021, in the end it was only available as a romance option in male Shepard playthroughs. p>

“At the time, perhaps more people in the world thought there was a connection between reality and what was being discussed on Fox News,” said Kindregan. “The Mass Effect 2 development team was a pretty progressive, open-minded team But I think there was a fairly high level concern that there was Mass Effect that only had one gay relationship, Liara – which technically wasn’t a gay relationship on paper because she came from a mono-sex species – I believe one Make sure that if the fire had started, this Mass Effect 2 had to be a little careful ”

The Mass Effect Legendary Edition, which will be released on Nov. Released May, BioWare offers an opportunity to revamp the original games for modern hardware and sensitivity.Some fans have put hope in a wider range of non-linear romance options, given the advances made since 2007 on LGBT rights and visibility in the US While developers tweaking things like combat, textures, and lighting, they don’t touch the story. The trilogy’s original romance options carry over into the 2021 edition, Homophobia Intact

BioWare did not address same-sex romance options in the virtual press event held last week, despite a few specific questions. After the event, a spokesperson told Engadget: “The narrative options of the series have not changed from the original trilogy to the Legendary Edition”

With the introduction of Mass Effect 3 in 2012, BioWare implemented same-sex love trees for male and female Shepards. In terms of non-heterosexual relationships, the Mass Effect range – and Legendary Edition – offers the following:

Mass Effect: Male and female Shepards can have sex with Liara T’Soni, an Asi character with one gender, and receive the Paramour Achievement

Mass Effect 2: Female Shepard can have sex with the female character Kelly Chambers, although this does not result in a paramour performance or preclude other relationships.Male and female Shepard can try to sleep with the Asari characters Morinth and Samara, although Morinth kills Shepard before they actually do the deed, and Samara ultimately rejects advances

Mass Effect 3: Male Shepard can have sex with Steve Cortez or Kaiden Alenko, while female Shepard can sleep with Samantha Traynor, Kelly or Liara and receives Paramour success for everyone FemShep can also have sex with the female character Diana Allers although this does not lead to success

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is a revision of the entire trilogy, including the extended cut ending for the third game and all parts of the DLC series. The games run in 4K UHD with HDR; Character creation has been vastly improved, and the fight in the first title has been refined. The Legendary Edition will also handle long-standing series issues such as ridiculously long elevators and lack of gamepad support on the PC

During last week’s media event, Kevin Meek, Art Director for Environment and Character, described the importance of getting representation right with the Legendary Edition’s revamped character creation system

“One of the first things we really wanted to do was standardize the options throughout the trilogy,” he said. “If something exists in 3, we want it to exist in 1, and we want it and then we also wanted to expand the choices for things like skin color and hairstyles that weren’t originally wide enough to support the diversity of our player base or give fans the opportunity to create the Shepard for who they really are wanted to play ”

Playing as this character will be a different story – or rather the exact same

Jordan Belfort, convicted criminal and author of “The Wolf of Wall Street”, warns of big money hedge funds and private investors after the GameStop phenomenon

(Bloomberg) – Mark Cuban isn’t convinced that the retail frenzy sparked by Reddit has just begun, and when trading platforms like Robinhood Markets fully reopen to shoppers, we’ll see what WSB is really made of, then you can have everything up and running Bring, ”Cuban said during a Q&A“ Ask Me Anything ”session on the Reddit forum.“ If you can afford to hold the stock, hold it I don’t own it, but I would, ”the Cuban wrote to Der Billionaire added that he has no doubt that there are funds and big players who have cut GameStop again and believe they are smarter than anyone else at WallStreetBetsRobinhood users are only allowed limited stakes in certain securities right now, for example, users can only buy Buy 100 shares of GameStop Corp and 1250 shares of AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc Currently, only five securities are subject to restrictionsImportant quotes from Cuban Q&A edited for clarity and lengthTo change broker: “Choose the broker with the strongest record. What ruined RH is that they didn’t have enough money to keep up with the growth Dealing with Accounts, Margin Loans and Volatility The same thing happens to the next broker if you don’t make sure they have a MULTI trillion dollar balance sheet to deal with these circumstances. “The only question is which broker You use”Do you stick with RH, which is going to have the same liquidity problems over and over, or, as a group, find a broker with a far better balance sheet who won’t cut you off and then ham it up? On Wall Street” What will happen next to these stocks: “I have no idea Nobody really does it I think if RH and others open up some of it will show up I just don’t know how much or if it is going to happen for sure” I think the stocks will be shorted because the shorts know that the natural buyers, the people at RH, and others who like it will be prevented from buying so the stock is highly likely to fall”On Short Selling:” I really like it when the companies I own are short selling. If it’s a company I want to own, I know the shorts can be squeezed, and when the company is really, really does well, the shorts need to be covered which creates more demand for the stock of the company I own and pushes the stock price up “As for bare short, that’s not really a thing”Yes, more shares can be trimmed than the original float. This is by design. If I borrow a share from you to sell, and if I empty it and your buddy buys it, he can loan it to someone else to sell.” to sell them etc All the people who borrowed the shares have paid for it, and they realize that if enough people buy the shares and ask about the shares, they will be called in. So the custody chain is there, the system does what it was designed to do. “Yes, there’ll be class actions, and you’ll win, And after legal fees, you’ll get your $ 4 00 payroll check. Through the Securities and Exchange Commission: The SEC is a mess I wouldn’t trust them to ever do the right thing. It’s an agency made by and.” Was built for lawyers to be lawyers and win cases instead of doing the right thing “If the SEC cares about anyone” other than Wall Street, you could go there right now and see the guidelines on Insider Trading, Shorting, What is Pump and Dump, what are the shutdown rules for buying stocks? As it was at GME et al. On advice to those who have lost money, “I learned some expensive lessons when I started trading stocks. It was painful. But I was trying to learn what I got right and wrong. Right now, right here the game is changing the hard part is wondering if what you believed in has actually changed “when i buy a stock i make sure i know why i am buying it then i keep, until I find out that something has changed The price can go up or down, but if I still believe in the logic that led me to buy the asset, I will not sell If something has changed what I was not expecting, then I look at the sale Read More: Cuban Advice for Day Traders That Get Long and Loud For more articles like this, please visit us on BloombergcomSubscribe now to keep up with the most trusted business news tenquelle to be one step ahead © 2021 Bloomberg LP

With the company’s huge cash reserve and stock near record highs, investors may wonder why it is now in a prospectus, Apple (ticker: AAPL) said it could use part of the proceeds to build stocks buy back or pay dividends, according to FactSet, Apple is now trading at 30 times its forecast profit for the next year, which is above the historical average of 24

FireEye Inc Reported record results for the quarter on Tuesday, saying 2021 could be its first year of $ 1 billion in revenue as cybersecurity priority increases after a massive hack in December

One of the most common mistakes I see in retirement tax planning concerns married couples: it does not take into account the tax changes that occur after the death of one of the two spouses Using data from the SSA 2017 period table, for example, we can calculate that for a male / female couple who are both currently 60 years old and in average health, there is an average of 113 years of only one spouse remaining, if either spouse dies, income generally goes down, but it does is usually somewhat modest as a percentage of total household income – especially for retired couples who have managed to amass significant fortunes

Here is a game many would love to play to make a billion dollars in a month? And nine investors just made it with GameStop shares

The Dow Jones rose after President Joe Biden held talks with Republicans about a stimulus package. GameStop shares fell, Tesla shares rose

Let’s Talk About Portfolio Defense After the manipulation of the Social Flash Mob Market for the last week, this topic shouldn’t be ignored This doesn’t mean the markets are collapsing after 2% losses to close last week’s Friday session This week’s trading on a positive note as the S&P 500 rose 1.5% and the Nasdaq climbed 25%. The underlying bullish factors – a more stable political scene that steadily drives COVID vaccination programs – still play a role, even if they do Not Quite As Strong As Investors Hoped While heightened volatility might linger with us for a while, it’s time to consider defensive stocks and that will bring us dividends by providing a steady stream of income, regardless From market conditions, a reliable dividend stock provides a pad for your investment portfolio when the stock doesn’t meh R Gains In Value With that in mind, we used the TipRanks database to pull up three dividend stocks that were yielding 8% That’s not all they offer, however; each of these stocks has got enough street praise to earn a consensus rating of “Strong Buy” New Residential Investment (NRZ) First, let’s examine the REIT sector, Real Estate Investment Trusts These companies have long been known for dividends that are both high yielding and reliable Due to the company’s tax compliance, REITs are required to return a percentage of profits directly to shareholders NRZ, a medium-sized company with a market capitalization of $ 39 billion, holds a diverse portfolio of residential mortgages, original loans, and mortgage loan service rights that are headquartered at the company in New York City NRZ holds a $ 20 billion investment portfolio that has raised $ 3 billion in dividends since the company’s inception The portfolio has been robust in the face of the corona crisis, and after a difficult first quarter last year, NRZ posted Growing Gains in Second and Third Quarter The most recently reported third quarter posted GAAP earnings of $ 77 million, or 19 cents per share. While this EPS was lower than last year, it was a sharp turnaround from the previous quarter’s reported 21 cents -Loss Rising income has enabled NRZ to raise dividends The Q3 payment was 15 cents per common share; The dividend for the fourth quarter has been increased to 20 cents per common share, at that rate the dividend annualizes to 80 cents, making an impressive 85%. In another move to return profits to investors, the company announced in November that it was buying back shares in the amount of 100 million BTIG analyst Eric Hagen is impressed with New Residential – particularly the company’s solid balance sheet and liquidity. “[We] like the ability to potentially build capital through retained earnings while maintaining a competitive payout. We believe increasing the Dividend underlines the strengthening of the company’s liquidity position We believe NRZ was able to release capital as it has raised approximately $ 1 billion in securitized debt for its MSR portfolio through two separate transactions since September, ”Hagen said in line with his comments values ​​Hagen NRZ with a buy, and its target price of $ 11 implies an upward movement of 17% for the coming year (To view Hagen’s track record, click hereIt is not often that all analysts agree on a stock If this happens, take note of it NRZ’s consensus strong buy rating is based on unanimous 7 buys The stock costs $ 11 The average target price of 25 suggests an upward movement of ~ 20% from the current share price of $ 944 (See NRZ- Share analysis on TipRanks) Saratoga Investment Corporation (SAR) With the next share we will move to the Investment Management division. Saratoga specializes in medium-sized debt securities, capital gains and investments and manages assets of over 546 million USD Saratoga’s portfolio is broad, including industrial, software, waste disposal, and home security, among others. Saratoga saw a slow but steady recovery from the corona crisis.The company’s sales declined in the first quarter of 20 and have grown slowly since early January Fiscal Year Third Quarter Report published contained $ 14.3 million at the top After adjusting for pre-tax taxes, Saratoga’s 50 cents per share net investment income exceeded 47 cents forecast by 6%, they say slowly and steadily that Race wins, and Saratoga has shown investors a generally stable hand over the past year as the stock rebounded 163% from its low after the corona last March, and the dividend, which the company cut in the second quarter, has increased twice since then The current dividend of 42 cents per common share was paid last month to a m 10 February explains The annualized payment of USD 168 results in a yield of 81%. Analyst Mickey Schleien from Ladenburg Thalmann is optimistic about Saratoga and writes: “We believe that the SAR portfolio is relatively defensive and focuses on software, IT services, and educational services CLO focused SAR’s CLO remains current and performing, and the company is committed to refinancing / improving it, which we believe could have a positive impact on our outlook. “The analyst continued,” Our model assumes that SAR is cash and uses SBA Notes to Fund Net Portfolio Growth We believe the Board of Directors will continue to increase the dividend given the performance of the portfolio, the existence of undistributed taxable income and the economic benefits of the Covid-19 vaccination program for this purpose Tench SAR a Buy together with a Ku Target of $ 25 This number implies an upward trend of 20% from current levels (To see Schleien’s track record, click here) Wall Street analysts agree with tench on this stock The other three registered ratings are buys, and the analysts’ consensus rating is a strong buy Saratoga’s shares trade for $ 2087 and carry an average price target of $ 25.50, indicating an upward movement of 22% for the next 12 months (See SAR- Share analysis on TipRanks) Hercules Capital (HTGC) Last but not least, Hercules Capital is a venture capital company. Hercules offers small client companies early stage financing with a scientific background Hercules’ clients include Life Life, Technology and Financial SaaS Since its inception in 2003, Hercules has invested over $ 11 billion in more than 500 companies The quality of the Hercules portfolio is evident from the company’s recent performance The stock has risen Fully recovered from last winter’s corona crisis and rebounded 140% from its low point last April, earnings also recovered In the first nine months of 2020, HTGC achieved a net investment income of 115 million For dividend investors, the key point here is that net investment income covered the distribution – in fact, it was 106% of the base distribution payout, and the company was confident enough to kickstart sales with an additional 2 cents payment The combined payout adds up to $ 1.28 annualized payment per common share and an 87% return in another vote of confidence, Hercules completed a $ 100 million investment grade bond offering in November and raised capital for debt repayments, new investments and corporate purposes The Bonds were in two tranches of 50 million each Covering Piper Sandler’s stock, Analyst Crispin Love sees a lot to love in HTGC. “We continue to believe that HTGC’s focus on fast-growing technology and life science companies will keep the company alive at this time Environment well positioned Furthermore, Hercules is not reliant on a COVID rebound as it does not invest in “vulnerable” sectors. Hercules also has a strong liquidity position which should allow the company to act quickly if it finds attractive investment opportunities ” , Love commented on all of the above convinced Love to rate HTGC as an outperform (ie Buy) In addition to the call, he set a price target of $ 16, indicating upside potential of 9% (To see Love’s track record, click hereThe recent appreciation of the stock has brought Hercules stock up to its average target price of $ 1521, which is only ~ 4% up from the trading price of $ 1467 However, Wall Street doesn’t seem to mind as the analysts consensus rating is one unanimous strong buy based on 6 recent buy-side ratings (See HTGC stock analysis on TipRanks) To find great ideas for trading dividend stocks at attractive valuations, visit TipRanks ‘Best Stocks to Buy, a newly launched tool that brings together all of the insights into TipRanks’ stocks Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the Featured Analysts Content is intended for informational purposes only. It is very important that you do your own research before making any investment

If you had 10 this year$ 000 invested in GameStop stock, you’d have a lot to celebrate. Now you can see the frenzy over the short sale that isn’t in the S&P 500

shares of Cassava Sciences Inc More than doubled towards a nearly 10-year high in very active trading Tuesday after the company focused on treating neurodegenerative diseases and announced bullish results from a study into the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, the stock shot 1736% , enough to expedite all gainers trading in Major U Exchanges, and to put it on track for the highest close since June 2011, trading volume rose to 387 million shares, compared to the daily average of about 30 million shares The company said the National Institutes of Health-funded clinical study, Six months of treatment with simufilam, cognitive scores improved by an average of 10% from baseline, with no safety issues. The same patients also saw an average improvement in dementia-related behavior of 29% from baseline, so the company Cassava believes the data will further develop Simufilam in Support a Phase 3 Clinical Program “We would have been pleased to show that simufilam stabilizes cognition in patients over 6 months,” said Remi Barbier, Chief Executive. “Improving cognition and behavior shows that this drug candidate has the potential , People with Alzhei Mer Disease To Offer Lasting Treatment Effects “The stock is up seven times (up 604 by 5%) over the past three months, while the S&P 500 is up 15 9%

Although it is one of the most famous wireless carriers in the USAT&T stock had a tough 2020 but the stock has some perks Is it a buy?

When looking for the best artificial intelligence stocks to buy, identify companies like Microsoft, Netflix, and Nvidia that are using AI technology to improve products or gain a strategic advantage

As local governments try to put rules on hazard payment for grocery workers, companies are pushing back, saying the extra pay is too costly to maintain Kroger made his decision on Monday to open a Ralphs supermarket and a food 4 Less in Long Beach, responsible for a hazard pay measure

Pfizer stock posted a disappointing fourth quarter report in early February despite the company claiming total Covid vaccine sales of $ 15 billion for the full year. Is Pfizer stock a buy now?

GE’s turnaround gains momentum as key companies improve and the industrial giant generates stronger cash flow

(Bloomberg) – Ford Motor CoNew alliance with Alphabet Inc According to an estimate by Morgan Stanley, Google could create a $ 9 billion annual revenue stream and $ 5 billion in profit for the automaker, and a new revenue stream of this magnitude could double Ford’s $ 43 billion market cap and Adam Jonas, automotive analyst at Morgan Stanley, wrote in a statement to investors on Tuesday that Ford has 75 million vehicles on the road worldwide, and if every $ 10, the stock will rise from less than $ 11 now to $ 25. $ 9 billion in revenue generated per month in data subscriptions for entertainment or retail services, Jonas calculated. He applied a 55% pre-tax margin to a potential for annual profit of $ 5 billion Achieve Ford’s six-year partnership with Google for cloud services and the introduction of the Android operating system tems for millions of its vehicles “is a step in the right direction,” wrote Jonas, who recently downgraded Ford to underweight. “The industry is in the early stages of a profound shift towards recurring revenue measured by data generated from Their hardware “real estate” is derived and monetized through a number of recurring business models, Ford’s new CEO Jim Farley said he is trying to transform the automaker from focusing on a single transaction – selling a car – to looking for ways to drive a steady stream of revenue Keeping Its Customers Up “Our growth as a company will not come from inside the product,” Farley said in an interview just before he became CEO in October 1 “It Will Come From ServicesFord shares rose nearly 05% to $ 1088 at 1:49 pm in New York trading The stock is up roughly 24% this year Jonas, who currently predicts Ford’s stock will fall to $ 9, gave the automaker praise for the Google deal and suggested that such deals could hit its most optimistic stock target scenario, “To get our $ 18 bull. To reach the case, “wrote Jonas,” we believe partnerships and execution with players like Google are critical in these areas”Ford stock rose nearly 05% to $ 1088 at 1:49 pm in New York trading. Stock is up roughly 24% this year (updates with share price in paragraph 7) For more articles like this, please visit us.” on BloombergcomSubscribe now to stay one step ahead of the most trusted business news source © 2021 Bloomberg LP

The Alibaba (BABA) Group announced their results for the 3rd Quarter to 31 December announced The e-commerce giant posted a year-on-year sales increase of 37% and exceeded earnings estimates

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

World News – USA – ‘Mass Effect Legendary Edition’ doesn’t add same-sex romance to the originals