In Deadpool No. 9, the Bone Queen reveals her intentions regarding the antihero who could mark the start of a problematic trend in the Marvel Universe

A rather alarming trend that’s been gaining traction in Marvel’s villain community could make Deadpool a very attractive target to pursue, if successful, the quest would be a serious headache for the multiverse – especially for the antihero in question, as a growing number of villains are coming more direct to the realization that one of the most effective ways of carrying out diabolical schemes is to take control of a human body, and since Deadpool is in an ongoing state of healing, it would serve as the perfect vessel for accomplishing those goals, even on Cost of inheritance of its rather troubling state

The Shadow King, for example, has an affinity for owning bodies One of his most famous possessions is Charles Xavier from an alternate reality to use the X-Men as his dogs as a ghost, the powerful wizard known as Ogun can usurp consciousness and manipulate the bodies of those he owns in the meantime Kevin MacTaggert must physically acquire human hosts in order to maintain himself as a psionic being. What’s more terrifying is that the Omega Level Mutant can own multiple bodies at once, and those who eventually burn out become zombie-like creatures that doesn’t even mention the fact that the Deadpool is in exists in the films in the same continuity as the apocalypse that steals the body

However, only one villain has actually attempted to take over Deadpool’s body, although it is realistic to assume that many of her peers will soon follow suit. Efforts can be found in Deadpool No. 9 held by Kelly Thompson, Gerardo Sandoval, Victor Nava and Chris Sotomayor and are committed by the aptly named Bone Queen for her reign over amorphous parasites with fangs called Bone Beasts.The first step was to bring the antihero into her domain by deceptively manic means All she had to do was manipulate Elsa Bloodstone to bring him to her, which the Bone Queen accomplishes by poisoning Bloodstone’s namesake in the palm of her hand and promising that she would spare her life if she succeeded (It also helps that Deadpool falls in love with Elsa Hardcore)

Like all comic book villains, the Bone Queen shares her intentions with Deadpool, and in a move characteristic of Deadpool, the antihero denies the gravity of the situation, complaining that she is essentially slamming up a court ceremony when he has long courtship and large weddings preferred

Joking aside, Deadpool successfully prevents the Bone Queen from taking over his body. Ironically, he uses a certain ability to do so, which is the main reason the Bone Queen wants him to be her ship in the first place, and why it would make sense to Marvel’s villains To follow suit – he explodes to pieces knowing he will survive It’s a dramatic ending to the Bone Queen’s search for Deadpool


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