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Reporting on the impact of the coronavirus on the sports world

When it comes to identifying talent in the world of football, a player’s potential is often categorized into certain attributes, from technique and tactical awareness to competitiveness and mental strength, scouting networks try to tick a variety of boxes, to determine the ultimate question: is this player good enough for my employer?

So when someone like Moises Caicedo steps in, the approach has to be all the more complicated, not because it poses a risk, but because their talents are so diverse and offer an amazing ceiling

Manchester United is in talks for Moises Caicedo The club has already had two meetings with the agents of the talented Ecuadorian midfielder Independiente del Valle, who was born in 2001. The player is very open to the transfer and the acceptance of a possible five-year deal South American club learn that the price is close to 5 million euros1 million)

Now it is up to Man United, in control of the situation, to decide whether to buy Caicedo or not. The club is planning all investments in young people with contributions from the board of directors and from Ole Gunnar Solskjaer This process also led to relocations for Amad Diallo (from Atalanta) and Facundo Pellistri (from Penarol) So they have to discuss and decide if they want to finalize the deal Manchester may be close to an agreement and a decision will be made in the coming days Caicedo is waiting, although the issue of getting a work permit should not be underestimated, especially with the implementation of the new one Brexit law that may complicate or slow down this process

The 19-year-old midfielder from Santo Domingo, one of the largest cities in Ecuador, is considered one of the best talents in South America No wonder Europe is knocking on the door but what is welcomed is the fact that Manchester United are the club that could take him

In the late 90s and early 00s, the Premier League was more inclined to reach South Americans straight from the continent like Nolberto Solano (the first Peruvian to play in the EPL when he came to Newcastle from Boca Juniors) or Gilberto Silva (part of Arsenal’s Invincibles who made the move from Atletico Mineiro) made a true statement in the UK, but as years of trust in this continental relationship dwindled as the teams decided to wait and see how the South Americans fare in other European leagues Gabriel Jesus is more of an anomaly than anything, as his teammate Sergio Aguero arrived at Man City after Atletico Madrid, while Roberto Firmino played a huge role at Hoffenheim before arriving in Liverpool

Of course, this is not a clear-cut science, but it does seem that Premier League clubs have not been able to afford to rely on unknown talent lately, especially in a pandemic-ridden year

1 / Moises Caicedo [almost] to Man United for Receiving Fabrizio Endorsement For those of you who don’t know about the 19-year-old Ecuadorian star, I can’t even tell you how talented he is on The Blanket is also extremely high https: // tco / zXBt4rykWy

Let’s first discuss Caicedo as a player.He was discovered at the age of 13 by Independiente del Valle, a large club in Ecuador but above all one with a well-organized, thought-out development program Caicedo is a defensive midfielder with a seamless ability to turn into an architect-the-chain player or a forward-thinking attacker, a lot can be said about his game that reflects N’Golo Kante, a player he follows closely, but also Claude Makelele – especially the Real Madrid version – where his vision allows him to disrupt the game See here by Adam Brandon from the World Football Index:

His game has an engine that is also reflected in goals, which makes him valuable, especially when the opponent is in possession of the ball

Before we go any further, the important thing to remember is that Caicedo is not there just yet.Patience is not just required like anything else but may be an option to loan him or him – like Newcastle United is with the Peruvian Rodrigo Vilca doing – with the U-23 setup to loosen up Regardless, United could be a perfect place for him to see what he can do if he continues on his path, essentially because that’s the club of Antonio Valencia is Caicedo’s hero The emotional bond is firmly anchored

Let’s not underestimate how the club’s favorite and first-team coach Michael Carrick can help him, given his versatility as a midfielder or even as a sweeper (Carrick himself has occasionally been used as a center-back by Sir Alex Ferguson), The former England international can be a mentor for Caicedo, who is already a rookie for Ecuador not only because of his talents but also his maturity – and this is where Caicedo’s potential move to Europe calms down.He is someone who does everything with the psychological aspect of the game starts He was brought up to work for everything in his life and so he sees the game as a place of growth where everything is an opportunity – no problem

In this interview with IDV TV from 2018, Caicedo speaks once about the Chelsea star and the World Cup winner and speaks highly of his calm and positive attitude to the game “[Kante] is calm, doesn’t like to argue on the pitch , he’s just focused on his game and that’s what I like best about him, “he says in chat and that’s something he wants to emulate and how he can potentially thrive – by not feeling overwhelmed by the pressure in one to play in the best leagues in the world and concentrate fully on your game

There is no such thing as a crystal ball.We cannot predict what will happen to Caicedo’s trajectory. With € 5million, Manchester United’s decision – if it does – may be based on the fact that the best possible results far outweigh the price

In Moises Caicedo a star is emerging, all it takes is a nurturing feeling of patience

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