Mr Dobbs, a staunch supporter of former President Donald J. Trump is named in a lawsuit by electoral tech company Smartmatic against Fox Corporation and two other Fox anchors

Fox Business has canceled “Lou Dobbs Tonight” the weekday show from one of former presidents Donald J. Trump’s most loyal media supporter to emerge in the weeks after Mr. Trump lost the 2020 presidential race

The end of Mr. Dobbs’ decade-long tenure as the network’s mainstay came the day after election technology company Smartmatic filed a defamation lawsuit against Rupert Murdoch’s Fox Corporation and Fox News The lawsuit demanding at least $ 2.7 billion in damages, called Mr. Dobbs as a single defendant, along with two other Fox anchors, Maria Bartiromo and Jeanine Pirro

Mr 75-year-old Dobbs, who rose to fame as a CNN presenter, started hosting his Fox programming in 2011 and gained an influential fan: Mr. Trump, who shared his tough views on immigration and later joined Mr. Dobbs’ program is watched as needed and is even patched on TV host during political discussions with his White House staff

Mr Trump, who was banned from Twitter, has been cautious on the topics he commented on since leaving the White House, but about an hour after the news from Mr. Dobbs’ departure gave the former president of the New York Times a comment on the anchor

“Lou Dobbs is and has been great” Mr. Trump said in a statement No one loves America more than Lou. He had a large and loyal following who will watch his next move closely, and that following includes meâ ????

Fox News did not elaborate on why it decided to call Mr. Dobbs’ program But the network said in a statement Friday that it is regularly reviewing its program lineup

“There have been plans to launch new formats as suitable by-elections, including at Fox Business,” the network said. This is part of these planned changes. A new 5pm program will be announced in the near futureâ ????

At the moment, a rotating group of hosts will replace Mr. Dobbs in his 5 pm time slot.The anchors Jackie DeAngelis and David Asman will be replacing Mr. Dobbs Dobbs’s “Lou Dobbs Tonight” was also repeated at 7pm next weekm

The lawsuit in which Mr. Dobbs cited a false claim made in a November episode of Mr. Dobbs’ show about Fox Business that Hugo Chávez, the late President of Venezuela, was involved in the development of Smartmatic technology and designed it so that the voices it processed could be changed undetected (Mr. Chávez, who died in 2013, had nothing to do with Smartmatic to do)

Chavez’s claim was made by Sidney Powell, who was serving as an attorney for Mr. Trump was also sued by Smartmatic on Thursday along with another Trump attorney, Rudolph W. Giuliani Mr Dobbs was also cited in the lawsuit for using the term “Cyber ​​Pearl Harbor” To describe an alleged electoral fraud conspiracy by Ms. Powell

The cancellation of Mr. Dobbs’ Fox business program was previously reported by the Los Angeles Times

Don Herzog, who teaches First Amendment and defamation law at the University of Michigan, said it was possible the annulment could help Fox defend the lawsuit

If Mr. Dobbs had continued to discuss Smartmatic or encourage electoral fraud in his program The network could have been held liable for any new claim, Mr. Said Duke

The network could also argue that the lawsuit alerted them to the untruths that Mr. Dobbs had helped spread and in a trial atmosphere, Mr Dobbs’ program could help convince the judges that the network is acting in good faith

Mr Herzog said a responsible judge would counter that feeling: “A judge should instruct a jury that what Fox later does to show that they are acting in good faith does not resolve the issue”Whether they have acted in good faith at an earlier point in time”

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