A bout between the Big Ten teams at a loss of 12 Indiana and Maryland in a high-stakes matchup

Indiana enters today’s game as an underdog with 11 points against Maryland, and ESPN’s Football Power Index gives the Hoosiers an 881% chance of winning

Indiana kneels down as the Hoosiers improve to 5-1 in the season and claim a pivotal win over the Terrapins

The Terps finally find the end zone late when Tagovailoa finds Demus for a 43-yard touchdown strike. Demus made a great catch in the coverage to bring in the TD

Maryland goes for two and converts with a pass to the corner of the end zone

Tom Allen is now in full watch mode as Penix is ​​already injured and IU entered today without several key players

Maryland’s offense looks like he’s running out of gas.A three-and-off, including a sack from Micah McFadden, returns the ball to IU near midfield

Johnathon King dismisses Tagovailoa on Jan. down, then Micah McFadden intercepts his pass at the next game. That’s three Hoosier takeaways today, and 16 total this season

At the 4th & gate snaps Scott directly and stretches past the pylon for a touchdown

The running backs have a great day today, including rookie Tim Baldwin on the final run, Baldwin rushed 36 meters five times

Indiana can’t get any closer than the 20-yard line and challenges Charles Campbell to a field goal on Campbell converts from 33 yards and Indiana takes over three points

Tuttle finds Hendershot on the far sideline for a 22-yard completion. Tim Baldwin then rushes 23 yards into the Maryland area. A pass failure against Maryland pulls IU into the red zone

Jerome Johnson continues to produce as he sacked Tagovailoa for a long loss Maryland is almost bailed out at & with a penalty IU for 12 players on the field Hoosiers, however, is strong and forces a punt

Jack Tuttle enters the game, but IU uses a few direct snaps to Scott for a touchdown. The Hoosiers make a two-point conversion and Tuttle finds Hendershot on a moving route and gets in for the score

Obviously it’s about the Penix injury, but the IU’s immediate response with a TD and a two point conversion is a good sign

An offside penalty for 3rd Descent gives the Hoosiers an initial descent and moves to the Maryland area

Michael Penix struggles to win 21 yards but is in pain as he gets out of hand You could hear him screaming as he lay on the floor Trainers are looking at him now Certainly a frightening situation for the Hoosiers who have ever been in this situation with Penix

Huge game for IU defense to set the tone for the second half Bonhomme did a great job staying at home chasing Tagovailoa

Penix finds Philyor on a flat intersection route for 17 yards and a first descent.Then IU’s ground play moves the ball deep into the Maryland area while Tim Baldwin, Stevie Scott and David Ellis all get positive runs, and Fryfogle eventually interferes too, as his first catch gets an IU first in the red zone

Given the 3 & length throws Penix a bike route to Ellis, but misses the payline Tom Allen decides on 4th Place with an inside surrender to Scott that’s close enough for an official measurement IU doesn’t convert and turn it around

Well that was a nice looking opening run to get halfway through for IU that didn’t score disappointing for an IU offense that didn’t push much into the red zone today

Terps stutter in midfield and have to sting IU starts at the 20-yard line with 2:34 in the half

Tim Baldwin rips off a 23-yard carry to bring IU into midfield, but a holding penalty at Fryfogle negates in the long run

Penix tries a few deep balls on the sideline, but both are unbearable and IU settles for a punt Maryland has 21 seconds and three timeouts trying to score

On the first game of the ride, Penix falls Whop Philyor and almost intercepted the pass.Penix falls back on the next game, throwing another bad ball to Miles Marshall.The third relegation is more like the one where Penix tries to get a ball to bring in double cover, and again is almost picked up

Penix is ​​2-13 for 37 yards to start this game. Neither Ty Fryfogle nor Whop Philyor have had a single reception yet

Tagovailoa drops Demus a nice deep ball that is 35 meters long. The next game, Peny Boone uses his large frame to secure a profit of 15 yards

A somewhat surprising decision when Maryland voted for the 4th & 1 near midfield decides For IU’s poor performance so far, Terrapins is the safest option

The decision works when Indiana stutters for another three-pointers Whitehead beats for the fourth time today

Penix again sailed a ball over the head of Whop Philyor on an easy crossing route I’m not entirely sure what is causing the ineffectiveness, but IU needs to find a way to get the ball moving

Scott hops out with an inner zone and makes a 17 yd gain to give Indiana some breathing space, however, the first down run fails to ignite the offense as Penix performs two incompleteness in a row and IU is forced to close prick

Penix is ​​1 out of 8 today and his accuracy is just not up to date right now.He was also walled in on the blind side when Matthew Bedford’s assignment shot past him and hit Penix in the middle of the throw IU’s offense must be quick clean up

Maryland faces a third & situation in midfield and tries to set up a screen pass but Tagovailoa tosses it away with a pass rush in his face

Jaylin Williams catches Tagovailoa in the red zone, but Williams fiddles with his reflux and the terps recover.This is the second time in so many weeks that IU has fumbled with a takeaway

Penix sails a pass to the 3rd Platz and Indiana can’t do anything with his interception Whitehead shoots into midfield

Penix looked shaky to start this game. Its accuracy is not as keen as it was against the state of Ohio last week

A donation to Isaiah Jacobs on 3 Descent takes 22 yards. Maryland then pushes into the red zone with completions to McDougle (21 yds) and Jones (5 yds)

Tiawan Mullen intercepts Tagovailoa at the 2-yard line. Devon Mathews hit the ball in the air, and Mullen found it dipping to the ground

Big boost as Tagovailoa had Dontay Demus in the end zone but couldn’t fit an exact ball into a narrow window

On 3 Relegation causes Penix Maryland to sideline, allowing free play. Penix hurls it at Miles Marshall, who has a 37-yard reception

IU gets creative when Penix moves way out and David Ellis takes a direct snap for a 9 yard win.The Hoosiers are playing the same game two games later, and Ellis wins seven yards with a good second try that’s the kind of Juice that IU needs to start his running game

An incidental disruption penalty against Maryland brings IU to 1st & goal Stevie Scott snaps directly and dives into the end zone from three meters away

Multiple direct snaps of IU’s RBs and a clear focus on getting the base game going about as good as every IU this season will be interesting to see if IU sticks to this unorthodox game call throughout the game

A holding penalty on the third descent negates Tagovailoa’s first descent & a three-and-off

Indiana pulls out three times on its first run Just a 46-second opening ride for the Hoosiers Haydon Whitehead hits Maryland’s 38-yard line

One negative run game and two out of sync pass games add up to poor first possession for IU

Maryland chooses to receive and will begin on the offensive for the opening drive.A touchback brings the terps to the 25-yard line

Taulia Tagovailoa quickly drives down the field, completing passes for Brian Cobbs (13 m), Dontay Demus (11 m) and Darryl Jones (13 m) to get into the red zone

IU can force a third descent on the 15-yard line. Tagovailoa had a receiver wide open in the corner of the end zone but sailed the pass

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