With a Golden Globe nomination for her eponymous Emily in Paris role announced Wednesday morning, Lily Collins told Deadline that she was “honored” to be counted and thrilled to be nominated Show and the various nominations for her “Mank Family” – David Fincher’s film, in which she starred alongside Gary Oldman

The Netflix series Emily in Paris took the world of covid binge-watching by storm with its comedic version of an American girl moving to the City of Lights, “Emily brings a sense of adventure,” said Collins of the huge fan base the show “There is an aesthetic that you can lose yourself in another country That sense of adventure we all long for more than ever ”

On season 1 of the Darren Star-created show, Emily stumbled into a romance with neighbor Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) and made friends, including would-be singer Mindy (Ashley Park), as the show was renewed for a What Could mean the future for Emily in season two?

Romantically, Emily’s future with Gabriel looked bleak last season, as it turned out he was in a relationship with Camille (Camille Razat) “I don’t know what you’re writing,” said Collins, “but I think it would be a little early for Emily to lock something up. I think she’s still exploring the prospect. Honestly, I think Emily doesn’t even know [what is going to happen will], and that’s the beauty of the way they write the show. She hasn’t found all the qualities she might be looking for. Other than that, she has that connection with Gabriel, but now she has Camille in this love triangle I think there are still experiences to be had, adventures to be had and it will always be found again ”

Otherwise, we can expect Emily to have more fun in the friendship arena. “I’m just so excited that Mindy moved in with her,” said Collins. “So I can’t wait to see what kind of madness is going on there”

Collins is also looking forward to perhaps digging deeper into her character’s backstory. “We only had ten episodes in season one to really explore her new friends at work and those she meets outside of work I look forward to delving deeper into these backstories and spending more time connecting the two groups of people she is and meets Now that we’ve seen her with all of those ‘Parisisms’ we may actually be able to find out a bit more of her backstory and experience that with some of the other characters, but you always know that with Emily you’ll have humor and adventure at it not lacking – and great fashion ”

When the show is back on the line, Collins said, “Hopefully we want to go back soon Hopefully in the spring We try to move forward All Covid pending again When we were confirmed for season two we were all even more excited and excited to come back of course there are so many regulations right now and we want to be safe, but we want to go back ”

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World News – USA – Lily Collins on “Emily In Paris” Season 2 Romance: “I think she’s still exploring prospects”

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