Lil Nas X could teach a master class how to navigate social media effectively

March has already started in a way that gives the term “March Madness” a double meaning – and the 21-year-old hit sensation is adding to the gimmicks A rapper who looks like a Lisa Frank sticker pack- Reject, however, it started

Earlier this week, Tekashi69 (colloquially also known as 6ix9ine) uploaded a screenshot of an article heading with the words “China makes COVID-19 anal swabs mandatory for foreigners” in a social media post that has since been deleted and added the caption: ” Lil Nas X entered the chatThis was clearly a homophobic blow to the Old Town Road artist, which means Lil Nas X would be thrilled to get the anal swab test as it would be similar to the act of anal sex / p>

On Thursday, Lil Nas X went to his TikTok page to post a video with a series of vignettes depicting Tekashi69’s feeble attempt to try, and then presented a screenshot of the rapper “Trollz”, who stretched out in the DMs with the message: “Will be in your town soon, what are you doing, lol?”, with an upside-down smiley emoji and a heart emoji at the end. Lil Nas X also has the video on Twitter with the Title “This you?”


For those who want the context and power of the phrase “This you?” not knowing I’m here on Twitter to help! The phenomenon “That you?” This usually happens when someone tweets something that is normally perceived as powerful or more sacred than you, which opens up the possibility of shouting hypocrisy.If, for example, someone is preaching something that preaches about misogyny, someone else can rummage through the Twitter archives, Find a super misogynist tweet the preacher wrote and then quote it with the sanctimonious evidence, all of it, “Is that you?” Basically, it’s like black people gathering to roast someone and then laughing one person in the group a little too loud – let’s call them Laughing Larry – and a roaster turns to Laughing Larry: “Oh, I know you don’t laugh”! ”And continues to roast them, sometimes even harder than the original roast

Ordinarily I would not condone or advocate excursions (as it can be harmful to the target person and revenge can reinforce the harmful overarching message that a person’s sexual identity outside of heteronormative standards should be a source of shame) But it’s hard not to enjoy someone as mean as the convicted sex offender and informant (who apparently has a Showtime documentary called Supervillain: The Making of Tekashi 6ix9ine) In addition, it is not my job to determine how someone in the LGBTQ community decides to deal with overt homophobic attacks against them

At the funniest moment of the day, Jackée Harry was still a highlight of the Twitter timeline and simply tweeted: “Not Tekashi is looking for 6-9 inches”Prime Comedy

Lil Nas X actually played a role with this callout energy as he has been constantly attacked by homophobes, some of whom accuse him of being an “industrial facility” just for choosing to move outside of the cis- Express heteronormativity

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Thank you for checking out this Showtime document I can’t understand or see the value behind it I downloaded another a few months ago and tried to try it out Nah I clicked on Showtime and found it The part I came across was about his father’s murder and I thought I should feel empathy for him and should he apologize for his behavior or character? How can you justify who he is, a multi-part documentary series, let alone two?

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