Los Angeles Lakers striker LeBron James (23) is featured in the second half of an NBA basketball game against the Atlanta Hawks on Monday, February 1, 2021, in Atlanta (AP Photo / John Bazemore) AP

Four fans were excluded from Monday night’s game between the Los Angeles Lakers and Atlanta Hawks after engaging with Lakers star LeBron James

Juliana Carlos and her husband Chris Carlos chased James from their court seats in the fourth quarter and initiated an expulsion of NBA officials

In a series of mundane videos shared on her Instagram account, Carlos said she yelled at James in defense of her husband, who “has this problem with LeBron, she said she was running her own business, when James and Chris yelled at each other, resulting in another exchange between James and Carlos. During the scene, Carlos lowered her protective mask to yell at James

“So, I run my own business and Chris has always been a Hawks fan. He’s been watching the games for 10 years. Anyway, he has this problem with LeBron. I have no problem with LeBron. I don’t give one (explicit) reference to LeBron. Anyway, I mind my own business, drink my [drink], have fun. Suddenly LeBron says something to my husband and I see it and get up and I go, “Don’t speak (expletively ) with my husband “And he looks at me and says,” Sit down (expletively), (expletively) ‘”

James told reporters after the game that he was unimpressed by an incident and thought an expulsion was not necessary

“At the end of the day I’m glad the fans are back in the building,” said James. “I miss that interaction I need this interaction We as players need this interaction I don’t feel like it was justified to be kicked out to become ”

And with James’ tweet, Courtside Karen’s meme took over the internet (warning: one of the tweets below contains profanity)

What a start to Black History Month. The NBA’s most prominent black player who calls a Heckler a “Karen” – a derisive term often used to describe white women who are legitimate or overly demanding – and his takeover of social media is an interesting way to start the month of celebrating blackness

The bizarre altercation between James and the Hawks fans raises some bigger problems if anyone is near the field of play berating the players in the middle of the game, they should probably be prepared for a heated reaction there are sports fans who regularly forget that athletes have the right to stand up for themselves in hot situations. Just because you bought a seat at court – in the middle of a global pandemic – doesn’t mean you have the right to dress up professional athletes

Looking beyond the incident, the fact that fans were even in that position from the start is an issue with the NBA putting new restrictions in place to limit the spread of COVID-19 However, they wonder if ticket sales take precedence over player safety.The Hawks are one of the few teams that allow fans to participate in games, but it’s ridiculous for the NBA to allow this, especially on on-site seats that do so be close to the players the league is committed to protecting

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World News – USA – LeBron James mocks “Courtside Karen” and sets social media on fire

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