The Knicks are a “preferred target” for Derrick Rose New York during the 2016/17 season because of coach Tom Thibodeau and the experience the Pistons Guard has had playing, according to Marc Berman of the The New York Post announced last night that the Knicks, along with the Clippers and a few other teams, are holding trade talks with Rose

Sources tell Berman that New York is ready to part with one of its three former lottery picks that are not on the rotation under Thibodeau – Kevin Knox, Frank Ntilikina, and Dennis Smith JrHowever, Berman doesn’t expect Knox, the youngest of the three, aged 21, to be included in the deal

Berman also believes the team will stick to the first round pick in 2021 that it received in dealings with Kristaps Porzingis of Dallas.If Dallas starts between 10 and 14, there is a chance that there will be another lottery selection Berman notes that the Knicks are flexible on a deal because they have $ 18 million in cap space and don’t have to compete with Rose’s $ 7 2MM salary

He also points out that Saturday was the first day that free agents who signed in November could be traded, which means Austin Rivers, Nerlens Noel, and Alec Burks can all be moved

I’m not sure why NYK is interested in Rose or 8 Seeds exaggerated? You should keep all of their tips and trust the Scouts and GM’s next year’s drafting class will be loaded along with the FA class at the PG position that smells like a thibs moving again

It makes sense if they see Rose as the right mentor for Quickley, but I wouldn’t give him a young player or a draft pick

Under NO circumstances should the Knicks include a selection for the first round. A second round maybe Dennis Smith Jr, Frank Ntilikina sure It was clearly fun to see Knicks you go, however, NOWHERE Rose is 32 years old and does very little to move the needle I don’t care how high or low the first rounds might be. The Knicks must keep going look, think and act in the long term

At this moment
15th Seed wolves will exchange first in 2021
14th Seed Mavs exchange first in 2021
All Team Rockets injuries will exchange First

in 2021

Personally, I don’t feel like Derrick Rose suits the Knicks or Clippers the way he is at Detorit right now, Dwayne Casey is a terrible trainer and puts them in the position they are in so I do Argument to get an asset out of Rose while they can

If for some reason a deal is made with the Knicks, I might see something like

Derrick Rose and Rodney Mcgruder for Dennis Smith and either Burks or Rivers If you’re Detroit you probably want Burks, if you’re the Knicks prefer moving rivers and it might make sense to add a selection , to keep the cheaper piece The idea of ​​a first classic does not seem plausible to me …

I could see that Dennis Smith may have had a chance to find something with Detroit’s roster for what it is For this reason alone it would be nice to see them land it

In the meantime, I think Mcgruder would give the Knicks all the help they needed on the wing, and it probably wouldn’t hurt Detroit to move it b / c, they didn’t use it consistently in their rotation, and they did a certain wing chord

If you’re looking for a PG, why Rose? Anyone else available knew they should take Halliburton

This is a bad deal for NY, no matter what they give Detroit in return, because bringing (knowing Thibs) Rose would only mean minutes for Quickley

Derrick Rose

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