The sultry favorite singer Lana Del Rey has invited us again to her fantasized vision of Americana with her sixth album Chemtrails Over the Country Club

Earlier albums show Del Rey as a melancholy-romantic longing for a while, but Chemtrails Over the Country Club makes it more realistic while maintaining its nostalgic vibe – in short, it’s a bit of a contradiction in that sense, which has Singer is leaving an era of orchestral songs from her “Young and Beautiful” period and replaces it with lots of acoustics and delicate percussion that compliments a raw sounding lana that seems to speak on more truthful subjects like in songs like “White Dress”

“White Dress” is the album’s opening song, dating back to when she was still a waitress, and typically romanticizes this as something she longs for, but “White Dress” also feels like that she pays him respect as the album becomes more and more impactful as time goes on in how Del Rey tells her stories

“Let me love you like a woman” is arguably one of the best songs on the album, with clean vocals and typical Del Rey styling lyrics like “I’m from a small town far away / I only mention it because I do ready to leave LA / And I want (need) you to come / I think I could make it if you stay “explore the usual side of Lana’s while her delivery is much more punctual, making the hit a strong one Number makes

Immediately afterwards follows “Wild at Heart”, which slows down the pace of Chemtrails Over the Country Club and shows how vulnerable Del Rey’s album is so far. Between this and the outstanding final song “For Free” with Zella Day and Weyes Blood the album picks up and falls as it tells Lana’s most honest story

Now listen to Lana Del Rey’s highly anticipated Chemtrails Over the Country Club on streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music

In other news, Coachella has reportedly been postponed for 2022

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Lana Del Rey

World News – USA – Lana Del Rey’s “Chemtrails Over the Country Club” is her most honest story yet