If you’ve watched Netflix’s To All the Boys: Always and Forever, you probably have an important question (and if you haven’t seen it before, you probably need this warning: spoilers ahead!)

The conclusion of the third and final film in the TATB franchise (based on Jenny Han’s popular books) leaves fans wondering whether or not Lara Jean and Peter will make it, now that they are trying a long-distance relationship with Peter at Stamford University, California, and Lara Jean on the opposite coast of NYU.And while LJ has something to do with the romance of cross-country love letters, it’s no secret that LDRs are hard work, especially when both partners are first-time experience college life

In an interview with Elle, actors Lana Condor and Noah Centineo pondered whether or not Lara Jean and Peter will survive … and friends, you may not like what they have to say

Lana in particular wasn’t overly optimistic, pointing out that Lara Jean and Peter definitely want to try to keep their love alive, but fate might have other plans. “I think they want to try, but I know too that life gets in the way and I believe they need to grow separately, “she explained.” You are at the height of your life where you are evolving. “It’s certainly a fair point; after all, this shows us third film, how excited Lara Jean is to begin her chapter in New York City, and NYU seems to have brought out a new side of the character

But just because college may be out of the question for Lara Jean and Peter doesn’t mean their relationship is utterly doomed “I think they might get together after college, like for years to come”, Lana said optimistically to Elle “To me, I believe that if you love someone and they love you and it’s pure and true, I believe that it can work. I believe it 100%. But I think I’m in a different stage of my life I think being college and a freshman in college is very different ”

Noah is much less sure, offering “I have no idea” as a response of, “I think they leave the ending open to ambiguity, and I think they did it for a good reason,” added the actor “So I hope they make it, but we have to find out when we do the fourth …” To quote Peter for a second … Whoa-whoa-whoa! (FWIW, there are currently no plans to do other TATB films, but it seems like Noah and I have the same dream)

To be fair, we can only imagine that it is quite difficult to say goodbye to the characters and story that have been part of their lives for so long. Like Noah previously told Teen Vogue, “It is Like looking back on this summer in high school, this summer after college, you will have many other summers that are super fun, but it won’t be summer- I will miss it as I did these experiences miss you know “

Lana definitely also has problems separating from LJ. “Lara Jean just has a good heart,” she told us, “She leads with love. She loves love. I will miss that very much, but I have that in mine now Life taken up just because it’s hard, not we bled into each other We are like two peas in a pod I will miss your heart ”

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