LOS ANGELES – When ABC spokesman Mike Breen recited the final seconds of the Los Angeles Lakers’ NBA final win in October, he proclaimed, “Banner # 17 will soon be hanging in the rafters”

He was right about the hanging part. What Breen didn’t know was that if the Lakers open the season against the LA Clippers on Tuesday, no one can see the banner find its new home at the Staples Center

The Lakers will wear a black cape with the 2019-20 Championship banner for the opening night, with the message “Stay tuned, Lakers Family” printed in gold block letters

It will remain covered until the coronavirus pandemic has subsided and fans can be back in the building for games

“We’re not going to reveal a banner because we want to wait for the fans,” Tim Harris, President of Business Operations at Lakers, told ESPN. “If you win a championship, the championship has a lot of odds-unquote owners. One championship belongs to the team, it belongs to the players, it belongs to the fans

“And then the stuff that comes with a championship, the fortune that comes with a championship, it’s like the ownership group is the stewards of the trophy, and the rings, if you win a championship, belong to the players And the banner, if you win a championship, belongs to the fans. That’s how I see the

The last time the Staples Center had a game with fans was April 10th March at the end of November the LEIN The county’s Department of Health has issued an order prohibiting all public and private gatherings by anyone from outside the same household

“We obviously got the trophy and [Tuesday] night we will be giving away the rings,” Harris told ESPN. “And we hope to wait until we have a chance to win the banner with the owners of the banner – that are the fans – to be revealed by us “

The ring ceremony continues without the normal pomp and circumstance that come with a championship celebration for purple and gold

“We started thinking, ‘How do we do this? How do we make this event when we don’t have fans?’ When you’re doing a TV show, “said Harris

“For the banner, part of it is missing, we are missing a component and these are the people who go a big part in winning this and these are the fans So we will wait”

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World News – USA – Lakers will not reveal a title banner without fans

Source: https://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/30583287/los-angeles-lakers-unveil-title-banner-fans