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Reporting on the impact of the coronavirus on the sports world

The Los Angeles Lakers may have won the 2020 championship, but the opening night for the 2020-21 season belonged to the Clippers.The defending champions received their rings before the tip, but their little brothers at the Staples Center spoiled the evening with a 116-109 Victory punctuated by a stellar Paul George outing, the superstar striker lost 33 points while helping the Clippers win the season opener against the Lakers for the second consecutive year

All four games between these two teams last season were consistently close, which wasn’t exactly the case on Tuesday The Clippers were 22 points ahead in the first quarter, but the Lakers fought back in the second quarter, connecting him to the third But George’s hot shooting was enough to seal the win

That goes well with the Lakers After the shortest off-season in NBA history, they have been extremely careful with their superstars, LeBron James only played 28 minutes and Anthony Davis played 31 These numbers will rise significantly when these teams meet in the postseason , but for now the Lakers are happy to make their way back into the season easier and the result was a comfortable Clippers win

It looks like LeBron is going to end the night after playing for just 28 minutes. Call me crazy, but if the Lakers cared about winning this game, that number would probably be way higher

Paul George is up to 30 years old and the clock is close to midnight for the Lakers

Montrezl Harrell has some words for Patrick Beverley It seems that there is still a bit of bad blood between the two

It’s LeBron’s turn, but Paul George is playing this game right now. He’s got 27

LeBron has failed. Needs help getting up. Trying to walk away. Looks like he has rolled his ankle a little

Come on Clippers, you know better! Never double up LeBron in the post It’s the same as Jokic He’ll butcher you as a passerby Sure enough he gets Caruso a wide open 3

Last season when LeBron needed buckets late against the Clippers, he was aggressively looking for switches Lou Williams is still in the game Kennard too He has goals

It’s 89-78 after three. They built up that lead late after a tight early part of the third. But no comeback can be ruled out after the second quarter

The Clippers begin to rebuild the lead It’s 87-78 after a Paul George 3

Dennis Schroder Has Six Assists The idea of ​​a non-LeBron Laker making six assists is so strange after the way he monopolized the ball last season

Previous Solid Laker Debut from Harrell He’s 4 for 4 off the field plus 3 FT for 12 points with 6 boards in 16 minutes

A goalscorer not named LeBron James or Anthony Davis heats up I didn’t know this was possible after last season

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World news – USA – Lakers versus Clippers Score: Paul George, Kawhi Leonard hold LeBron James, Anthony Davis and Co in the opener