LOS ANGELES (AP) – Andre Drummond joins the Los Angeles Lakers for the playoff push

The Lakers announced the signing of the two-time all-star center less than an hour before Sunday night’s game against the Orlando Magic. Drummond announced his decision earlier in the day in a post on his Instagram account, writing, “Back to Work “under an illustration of yourself in a Lakers uniform

Drummond agreed to a Friday buyout from the Cleveland Cavaliers, who won the four-time NBA rebound champion after nearly eight seasons in Detroit last year, had to clear waivers before joining a team of his choice, and Drummond decided to team up with LeBron James, Anthony Davis and the defending NBA champions

“We’re all excited. He’s one of the best centers in the league and someone that every defensive coordinator needs to consider when trying to slow down LeBron, AD and our guards when we get going,” said Lakers coach Frank Vogel after the 96:93 victory on Sunday the magic “He can dominate on both sides and his physicality must take it into account”

Vogel said he wasn’t sure Drummond would be available for the Lakers’ next game, which is Wednesday against the Milwaukee Bucks

Drummond will almost certainly play his first major NBA postseason with the Lakers, having appeared in just eight playoff games with the Pistons in two postseason trips – and losing all eight

With Drummond back on track after the last six weeks’ skip, the dual all-star game selection in downtown Los Angeles should be a notable upgrade, winning a multi-competitor contest for its services over the game Weekend

Veteran Marc Gasol played inconsistently for the Lakers even before he recently returned from a 3 1/2 week battle with coronavirus, while 6-foot-8 Montrezl Harrell is too small for the biggest defensive stakes in the middle

“I really think we are going to need all three of these guys and we are going to use all three with the shortened schedule and playoffs coming up,” said Vogel

Harrell knows that Drummond likes to play especially after his long layoff, but hasn’t considered the line-up implications

“Everything comes from the top office and the coaches. I will continue to play as I can,” he said. We have a great player who will help our team and our organization “

Davis also plays a central role in many postseason matchups, but Drummond’s rebound and central defense should immediately buff the Lakers as they try to hold onto a top Western Conference seed without James and Davis, James is falling with one indefinitely sprained right ankle while Davis hasn’t played since February 14 due to a right calf injury
Drummond averaged 175 points, 135 rebounds and 25 assists in 25 starts for the Cavs this season. He hasn’t played since February 12 when Cleveland put him on the bench to give young Jarrett Allen more playing time / p>

Drummond would be second in the league when it comes to rebounds per game after Atlanta-based Clint Capela if he had played enough games to qualify among the leaders His 40 offensive rebounds per game would be third in the NBA

The Lakers currently rank ninth in the NBA in rebounds per game (45) 1), but only 17th in offensive rebounds (96)

The 17-time Champion franchise has had no success with Drummond’s accomplishments in decades.The last Lakers player to beat Drummond’s career average of 138 rebounds per game in just one season was 1975-76 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Los Angeles had only one rebound champion in the league for the next 45 years: Dwight Howard 2012-13

“So many playoffs are about color, you know, and he’s a physical force down there,” Orlando coach Steve Clifford said of Drummond. “He’s a great rim protector and one of the great offensive rebounders in ours Game He could win a playoff game or two for you just because of that physicality and size alone ”

Drummond’s arrival in LA is the latest addition to the NBA’s annual super-team agglomerations at close of trading Brooklyn added Blake Griffin and LaMarcus Aldridge this month, while Miami landed Victor Oladipo and Denver’s Aaron Gordon and JaVale McGee

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