Lady Gaga’s “selfless” dog walker Ryan Fischer, who was shot by crooks while stealing two of her beloved pooches, was moved while in intensive care, the megastar’s father told The Post on Friday

“It sounds like Ryan will be fine,” said Manhattan restaurateur Joe Germanotta over the phone

He said Gaga, who is currently in Italy, contacted Fisher frequently while he was recovering in the hospital and that the 39-year-old worker was a “friend” of the family who “risked his life” the puppies

“If you listen, please don’t hurt Koji and Gustav, they are wonderful animals and they haven’t hurt anyone, so please don’t hurt them,” said the father. “It hurts to hear my daughter suffer”

Fischer was in stable condition late Thursday, and his family released a statement Friday that he is expected to “recover completely”

“Fortunately, Ryan is receiving exceptional care right now at the hospital and his doctors are expecting him to make a full recovery,” the Rolling Stone statement said

“We can’t possibly say enough to thank all of the first responders, nurses, and doctors who have worked so tirelessly to take care of Ryan”

The family also thanked Gaga, who from the start “showed nothing but uninterrupted love and concern for Ryan and our family”

“Ryan loves Gustavo and Koji as much as Lady Gaga does; We therefore join her plea for her to return safely, ”the statement reads

The day before, two thugs had attacked Fischer and shot him in the chest while he was walking the pop icon’s three French Bulldogs in Hollywood, the Los Angeles Police Department said

Dr Fred Pescatore, a friend and former client of Fischer, told People magazine that Fischer texted him from his hospital bed on Thursday saying he was now breathing “alone” ”

“The thing he wrote wasn’t even about him. It was,” I miss you, I love you thank you, “said Pescatore, who described his buddy as a selfless,” amazing “person

Fischer went to Pescatores Beagle Remington when he lived in the Big Apple, according to People

“I’ve never met anyone [who doesn’t love him] There’s nothing negative about this man,” he told the publication, adding that Fischer has a particular fondness for dogs

“He’s just amazing with you. He cares. You are like his kids,” said Pescatore. “He’s very attentive to the needs of dogs. He would do anything for them – anything”

The friend also quoted the horrific video that captured the moment when Fischer was shot and screamed for help while he was bleeding on the street

When Fischer refused to let go of the dogs, one of his attackers raised a pistol and fired a single shot Fischer let himself be spread out on the sidewalk when the duo grabbed two of Gaga’s three dogs, Gustav and Koji, and the car fled inside

“He would protect these dogs with his life and he almost made it and let’s hope he didn’t,” Pescatore told People

“I just want the world to know the man behind Lady Gaga’s dogs and other people’s dogs,” Pescatore said. “And this man deserves recognition. He was the one who was shot. He was the one who protected her dogs And not enough people focus on ”

There are currently two suspects believed to be black men between the ages of 20 and 25, according to the LAPD

Fischer’s wallet was not stolen, and the LAPD said the men “wanted to rob the individual of the dogs””

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Ryan Fischer

World News – USA – Lady Gaga’s dog walker Ryan Fischer is reportedly in stable condition