Monday night Raw star Lacey Evans shocked the world this week when she announced she was pregnant with her second child on episode this week The news was immediately doubted by fans since it was in the promo It was strongly implied (and by his reaction) that Ric Flair was the father, but this was immediately followed by several reports that she was rightly pregnant and that she and her husband are now expecting it

WWE followed suit with a backstage interview with Evans after the show, but she wasn’t too inclined to provide further details

“You bad little thing, I’ve said everything I wanted to say out there,” she said. “Nasties like you have to learn to stay out of other people’s business Just know I’m very happy”

She’s been silent on social media (where she usually is in character) without mocking Charlotte Flair

The story between Evans and “The Nature Boy” began on Raw Legends Night in early January, where she apparently seduced him into trying Charlotte a tag match. “The Queen” seemed to wipe it off at first, but the heels went one better Step further by tasting her and Asuka for their Women’s Day titles at the Royal Rumble later this month on Raw last week, Charlotte attacked Evans and kept attacking her until the umpire called for disqualification – making Evans No. 1 made 1 Raw Women’s Championship contender Her scheduled match with Asuka in the Elimination Chamber on Sunday was canceled and there is no word on a replacement yet

Evans signed with WWE back in April 2016 and worked on the NXT list for the next three years.Together with five other NXT stars, which included Otis and Nikki Cross, she became part of a major call-up in December 2018 -Group announced on the main list Aside from an appearance on the Royal Rumble, however, she decided not to wrestle until after WrestleMania 35. She was instantly embroiled in a feud with Becky Lynch over the Raw Women’s Championship, but lost repeatedly. “The Sassy Southern Belle” was eventually moved to SmackDown and tried took part in a Babyface run before turning and going back to Raw

Lacey Evans

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