Kyrie Irving’s two seasons with the Celtics were overwhelming for everyone involved for the player despite two all-star appearances, for the team that played their deepest playoffs with him on the sidelines, and for the fans who saw it all and wanted to greet his return to Boston with such a chorus of deep frustrations

Fans were absent from the TD Garden on Friday night when the Celtics hosted Irvings Brooklyn Nets in the arena’s first event since the COVID-19 pandemic closed much of the world in March, but the All-NBA security guard sensed maybe the negative vibes

Cameras captured Irving waving a handful of burning sage as he walked the floor and crossed at one point to wave him over the front row of seats before plunging him into a clam traditional abalone â ???? and go to court The ritual is known as “smearing” and is seen as a way to purify a person or a room of bad energy

While it could be viewed as just another Irving plays that Hall of Famer Charles Barkley shredded Thursday (among other things) for his false intellectualism, the star on the cusp of his 10th birthday announced NBA season this is part of his Native American heritage

â ???? It only comes from many indigenous tribes to be able to be sage, simply purify the energy and make sure we are all balanced Said Irving after Brooklyn’s 113-89 win, “If we get into this job we get to this place, it’s nothing I don’t do at home, what I did today, I lost the last game and I plan to, almost to improve every game if the opposing team allows meâ ????

Smear dates back to prehistoric times and has a long Native American tradition. Irving’s mother was born Cynthia Janette White Mountain, semi-Sioux by her mother. She was adopted as a child by a Lutheran minister and renamed Elizabeth Ann Larson

Ms. Irving died at the age of 29 when Kyrie was just 4 years old.Not only does he have her name and birthday as a tattoo, he spent a day with his mother’s Standing Rock Sioux tribe in the summer of 2018, became a member (along with his Sister) and was named Lakota Kleiner Bergâ ????

“Literally, when we go to work and feel safe and cared for by our ancestors, it is more or less for us to stay connected and feel great,” he said of the smudging, “I will.” don’t bring too much of the spirituality to basketball but yeah it’s part of my home culture where I’m from”â ????

Irving left the Celtics on bad terms, switching from crows to season ticket holders, which he planned to re-sign with Boston in October 2018, to repeated public and private arguments with teammates and media before signing with Brooklyn in July 2019, he did the Missed networks ???? Visited TD Garden last November with a shoulder injury where what the former Celtic Paul Pierce declared has been called the loudest boos in league historyâ ????

However, he received warm greetings from some of his former teammates on Friday, including a long hug with Jaylen Brown


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