Travis Scott spent Thanksgiving in Palm Springs with daughter Stormi Webster and Kylie Jenner instead of in his hometown of Houston

Travis Scott has chosen not to go to Houston for Thanksgiving to hang out with his daughter Stormi and mother Kylie Jenner

Kylie and Travis began their relationship in 2017 after the former couple met at the popular music festival, Coachella, and they immediately struck out and spent most of their time together after dating for ten months, Kylie gave birth to daughter Stormi in February 2018 World The couple have since announced that they will no longer officially date, but the couple still appear to be inseparable

According to a Hollywood Life source, the rapper threw a Thanksgiving Turkey Drive in Houston but only appeared on FaceTime when he was in Pam Springs spending the vacation with Stormi and Kylie in Travis sponsored the opening of the Cactus Jack Foundation Turkey Drive in his hometown on 25 November, but many had noticed that he was not physically there. Instead, he decided to stay at home with his daughter and find a friend again. “Travis held a Thanksgiving fundraiser in Houston yesterday, but he wasn’t there in person.” The sources revealed “He usually goes to Houston for Thanksgiving, but this year he didn’t stay with Stormi and Kylie. They are in Palm Springs with Kylie’s family. While this may come as a shock to many, the ex-couple actually planned to spend Thanksgiving together for some time.” spend Although the 29-year-old and the 23-year-old are no longer together, they get on very well and would like to be able to spend the day with their daughter

Fans have been asking for months whether Stormi’s parents have reconciled their relationship or not. For several months now, the two have been spending a lot more time together and even leaving free comments on each other’s Instagram posts. Mogul posted a bold red bikini photo informing her fans about her new Grinch collaboration for her makeup line Kylie Cosmetics Travis seemed to like the photo as he commented on “Heavvvyyyy,” which is slang for beautiful The constant Flirting between the two doesn’t mean they’re back together. Sometimes exes, especially if they share a child, tend to attract each other after a breakup who knows, maybe in the future Kylie and Travis will realize they want to be here / p>

Even though Travis missed his Turkey Drive in Houston, his mother and two brothers were there to represent him. Maybe Kylie and Stormi will perform on the Houston drive next year

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