Kroger will shortly be offering the COVID-19 vaccine through its network of pharmacies and clinics, the national food chain announced on Tuesday

Kroger Health is working with federal and state health authorities to deliver the long-awaited vaccine “according to the rollout plan,” according to a company press release

The vaccine doses are more than 2Provided 200 Kroger-owned pharmacies and 220 clinics in 35 states

That includes all Kroger Co Brands and subsidiaries such as Ralph, Fred Meyer, Harris Teeter and others, a Kroger spokeswoman told McClatchy News

Dr Marc Watkins, Kroger Health’s chief medical officer, said the company was “ready to play an active role in vaccinating people”

Kroger said it is planned to begin administering doses of the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine this week, beginning in Anchorage and Juneau, Alaska

WASHINGTON – US. Long-term mortgage rates fell for the 16th time this week Times in 2020 to a record low, which is due to an economy badly hit by the coronavirus pandemic

Mortgage giant Freddie Mac said Thursday the average rate on the 30-year fixed rate home loan fell to a record low of 66% from 267% last week
The average 15-year fixed rate loan rate, popular with homeowners looking to refinance their mortgages, fell to 219% from 221% a year ago, it was 319%

The 5 year adjustable rate mortgage was unchanged this week at 279% A year ago it was 345%

The real estate market has been a source of strength in an economy ravaged by the coronavirus outbreak

The Federal Reserve has pushed the interest rate it controls to zero to help the economy recover from a spring stall

TAIPEI, Taiwan – It was the ultimate success story of China Inc 20: A privately held technology startup turned into an internet juggernaut that entered the Chinese market and set its sights on the world

Chinese regulators on Thursday announced a lengthy antitrust investigation into their most successful internet company, which could take action that could potentially destroy Alibaba’s sprawling e-commerce business or fragment its highly lucrative financial services subsidiary

While Alibaba has become the dominant player in Chinese online shopping over the past decade and now has annual sales of $ 50 billion, it has steadily intervened in China’s tightly controlled financial sector through the spin-off of the Ant Group

Ant Group, a $ 16 billion company, has squashed the market share of powerful state banks and unsettled regulators with investment and credit products that have become so popular that Ant sometimes acts as a lender to government banks not the other way around

The corporations have come together in a huge, loosely connected conglomerate under the control of billionaire Jack Ma, China’s richest man, that could challenge the state itself

On Thursday, the state protested against China’s state market regulator, saying it would investigate complaints from online retailers about Alibaba’s claims for an exclusivity deal

In a simultaneous announcement, banking regulators said they would invite Ant Group executives to discuss the financial platform’s competition and consumer protection practices

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